Upcoming Agent Training Classes 

2020 Vision Kickoff Meeting - Tuesday 1/14 10am-1pm or Wednesday 1/15 10am-1pm 

We will be rolling out Staging Boost company wide and go over all the details... And there are some exciting additions! Now offering foundation, electrical, and plumping repairs with absolutely zero fees and zero payments for 12 months! How about pre-paid photography in advance and you don't pay until the deal closes?

All of this, a full walk-through of the new website and functionality, Market forecast for 2020 (With graphic we'll share for many markets with some great content to drive action!), Food, Jokes and possibly dancing (You just never know at these meetings!)

2020 is going to be an amazing year and this meeting is meant to get your kick-started for ultimate success!
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Food will be provided along with tons of great information.

Our new site is NOW live and there are some major enhancements. We will walk you through all of these new features, so you feel comfortable using them and sharing with your clients. Our search function for the public will mirror Zillow and Redfin with added enhancements of Real-Time Google Walking-Score overlay, Inrix Drive-Time will be built into all listings and much more. Additionally, from our app clients can take and add their own photos (We all know MLS pictures don’t always match reality), add their own notes and much more.

Additionally, our new Back-Office will have built-in search features better than anything you find in Matrix. You can easily create searches, suggest listings by text or e-mail, refine searches and so much more.

We will also do a full company roll out of Staging Boost and introduce new marketing pieces around what we’re calling “The Ultimate Selling Experience” . These will include mailers, blog, website and Social Media items with all of the new website features, tool, Staging Boost and much more!

And lastly, we will talk projections for the 2020 Real Estate market and provide real-time examples along with marketing items you can share with clients, on your own websites and in marketing pieces to help you have the most successful year ever.

Agent Masterclass - Tuesday 1/21 10am


Backend Training Class - Tuesday 1/28 10am


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