June 7 The Preliminary Title Commitment and How to Spot Red Flags. Taught by: Becky Harper

In this course we will take an in-depth look at the Preliminary Title Commitment.  Understand the different types of Owner’s Policies and what constitutes a “covered item” in title insurance.  Learn how to identify “Red Flags” such as vesting/legal description discrepancies or a deceased seller.  You, as the broker, will be armed with the knowledge to make every transaction as smooth and successful as possible.

July 12 Forgery Fraud or Flub. Taught by: Dan MacMillan

Have you ever wondered, “If title insurance is based on public record, how can there ever be a valid title claim”?  Here’s your chance to get the inside scoop!  As a result of taking this course you’ll have a better understanding of what valid title claim is, and how they happen.   The course title gives you a hint!

August 9 This Land is My Land…or is it Yours Taught by: Mark Zeno

Many real estate agents have heard of the legal concept known as “adverse possession,” but few know its details and intricacies. When the possibility of an adverse possession claim arises during the course of a transaction, it can have various implications for how the transaction will proceed. This course will equip you to understand these issues.

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