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Cell Phone: 425.246.7288
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Why did you decide to join the Cascade Team? After meeting with a few brokers in the valley and speaking to Tonya Eliason I made up my mind that this is where I wanted to work. The fact that she has been here since '97 and the people that know who she is, speak very highly of her and that cemented my decision on working with her and The Cascade Team. I hope to have that same reputation as my career grows. In the mid 90's I began working in construction. I worked for a few different companies that were based here in the valley that started my interest in homes, home building and design. After a few layoffs, company changes, and my youngest daughter on the way, it was time to enter into a career that was more permanent. So went into the Healthcare Field. In 2001 I started as a volunteer at the Snoqualmie Fire department. While I was there I got my EMT certificate, worked for Tri-Med in Kent till I was offered a job in Los Angeles with ProCare as an EMT. From there I went to LAC+USC medical center and began working in the ER. Although it was my favorite place to work I had to cut it short because my oldest daughter was due to have her first baby that year and in the fall my youngest daughter was going to be on the Cascade Select Soccer team. Once I returned I began working at UW Medical Center for a couple years and transferred to the Roosevelt Clinic until I left in October of 2018. My goals are to learn as much as I can in this field so I can help families get into a house of their dreams. Also to have enough work that eventually my family can be a part of this journey. And also to have enough knowledge to where I can start investing, redesigning, and flipping homes preferably here in the valley. Moved from LA in '86 I've been Snowboarding since 1990 Lived in Breckenridge, Co for a season Played baseball (not softball) since I was 10 up until a few years ago when adulting took up more of my time.

Contact Paul

Cell Phone 425.246.7288
Office Phone 425.313.4752

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