10 Lighhearted Facts About TRID

Posted by Cary W Porter on Friday, October 2nd, 2015 at 1:26pm

  • TRID spelled backwards is DIRT
  • On October 3rd 1789 George Washington designated the date of the first Thanksgiving
  • TRIDactyl [trahy-dak-til] adjective, Zoology 1.having three fingers or toes, as certain reptiles.
  • Title reps love talking T.R.I.D. Totally Ridiculous Illusions of Drama (sorry, couldn't resist)
  • 10/3/2015 = .000165425971
  • The first CD was a recording from 1979 of Claudio Arrau performing Chopin waltzes 
  • OJ was acquitted on October 3rd (1995)
  • TRID Wheels make excellent Frisbees
  • Chubby's Checker and Gwen Stefanie's birthday's are both on October 3rd
  • October 3rd in Polish is pazdziernik trzecia 


This lighthearted reminder is to reassure you that everything will be fine and the sky will not fall tomorrow. Just be proactive out there and let everyone know to expect a 45 day close for the next 3-4 months. Tell your Buyers and Sellers to expect 45 days or sooner for closings and to not book the movers until docs are on the way from the lender to escrow. By being proactive at the start of a transaction you will save yourself and clients a ton of stress at the end if they are already expecting and extension and 45 das to close.

Good luck out there everyone!


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