7 Reasons Locals Are Obsessed with The Bindlestick

Posted by Gresia Bratton on Saturday, February 17th, 2018 at 8:56am

Familiarity does not always inspire popularity. Located a hop, skip, and a jump away from historic and scenic Snoqualmie Falls, The BIndlestick is situated across from Snoqualmie's Railway Museum. Conveniently walkable, the location is extremely close to the Snoqualmie River front parks such as Riverview Park and Sandy Cove picnic locations.



The Bindlestick is owned and operated by local 18 year Snoqualmie resident, Rachelle Armstrong, and her local staff. Rachelle bought the business from a friend, another local resident, and has truly made the place her own! It's almost as if The Bindlestick was waiting for her before show casing its true Snoqualmie colors!

These are not the only reasons locals seem to be obsessed with the popular venue. We believe it has to do with The Bindlestick's local artistry flair, family small town feel, coffee, beer, and we have a popular venue the locals obsess about in the Snoqualmie Valley! See for yourself!


#1 - The Name

The name itself draws attention as some may wonder what it means. According to the Merriam-Webster's dictionary, a "bindle" is a sack of clothes or bedding; and when carried on a stick you have a "bindlestick". It was once a way to describe the way a "hobo" would carry their belongings.


#2 - Live Music

The popular venue among the locals is a popular destination for local bands on the weekends. The Bindlestick schedules live band shows on the weekends from March to December.


#3 - The Art

You will find the interior walls adorned with art from local artists whom many are friends of Rachelle's. The art is displayed to give you an "art gallery" feel. The art includes paintings, hand-crafted jewelry, printed "ski themed" hats from a local Snoqualmie Pass artist, and more. The art is displayed in such an electrifying manner that makes you feel and know you are in the pacific northwest! 


#4 - WiFi Hotspot

The location is widely used during the morning to mid-day hours by many local entrepeneurs, and business professionals. They are able to enjoy a yummy protein breakfast drink, or coffee while plugging in to work! The Bindlestick has become a popular "working coffee run" location and meeting location among local real estate agents and their clients; as well as other community groups.


#5 - Dog Friendly

The venue features a dog friendly beer garden. What was once used as a parking location, now has a fully fenced beer garden allowing many locals to bring their well tamed pups in while enjoying some live music and a drink. Or simply grabbing some coffee during their morning stroll by the parks and around town.


#6 - The Eats & Drinks

The Bindlestick is a great place to grab a light meal including some gluten free options. Here is some of what is currently offered:

  • Organic Caffe Vita Espresso
  • Organic Teas
  • Gluten Free Bagels
  • Breadless Sandwhiches
  • Paninis
  • Some Pastries
  • Selection of Beer & Wine


 #7 - For Fun

What The Bindlestick offers is a great fun location with a backyard family feel hangout. Rachelle and her staff along with some loyal local customers form a co-ed softball team to play against other involved nearby business teams. You can check them out in action around mid-July while they have some fun on the field!


The Bindlestick Experience

 We summed up some important reasons we think The Bindlestick is a popular venue locals seem to be obsessed with. From the tasteful local art to the delicious espresso you will definitely understand why this venue is a hot spot around town. You may even run into your highschool teacher, or perhaps your childs teacher! We love to be a part of this experience and we wish The BIndlestick the best of luck! Although, I don't think luck has to do with it.


You can find The Bindlestick on Facebook or Instagram


8010 Railroad Ave

Snoqualmie, WA 98065

Mon - Fri 7am - 8pm

Sat - 8am - 8pm

Sun - 8am - 6pm
















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