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Ken Bussey

We are happy to welcome Ken Bussey to The Cascade Team! 

Kenneth Bussey brings a unique East-meets-West resource to the greater Seattle area real estate market. His clients and colleagues alike, value his talent for relating to and facilitating clientele who seek the sophistication of fine properties, for which The Cascade Team Real Estate & the luxury arm TCT Premiere is renowned. 

Kenneth Bussey's versatility and drive is also an asset for his clients. In addition to his thrill for representing multi-million-dollar properties, he offers a charismatic demeanor and stress-free experience. As a family man himself, he enjoys

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It doesn’t matter if you heat your home with electricity, natural gas or some other energy source; prices continue to rise and that means increased heating costs for most of us.

In today’s blog post we’ll share three easy ways that you can save money on your home energy costs this winter.

Install and Use Programmable Thermostats

Now that Nest and other companies have brought Wi-Fi enabled, programmable thermostats on the market there’s very few excuses to avoid using them. At bare minimum you’ll want a digital thermostat that can be programmed to turn on and off at certain hours of the day.

For example, you can shut your heat off after leaving for work and have it turn back on again a half-hour or so before you get home. You can do the same at

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We are happy to announce that Diego Vitelli has just passed his Managing Broker’s test!

For those of you who don’t know, Diego was one of the first agents with The Cascade Team, joining in 2006. 

We are very excited for this next step in his career!

Great job Diego!!

Our Local Real Estate Team

Cascade Team Real Estate agents are proactive in serving their customers, studying the market and touring homes, so they can provide the most accurate housing market data for their you their client. This helps you better understand the competitive environment, pricing strategies and provides an edge in the negotiation process.  Our goal is to always meet and exceed your expectations.  We look forward to the opportunity of working with you on

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What Agents Must Know in Today's Market

Another great 3 clock hour class, instructor led course is designed to offer the student an in-depth analysis of the purchase and sale agreement and HUD statement, and will cover concerns faced in today's market including additional addendums needed, increased seller and buyer stress levels, utility and sewer capacity charge issues and financing conundrums. We will also cover the new challenges faced in clearing title.


Our Local Real Estate Team

Cascade Team Real Estate agents are proactive in serving their customers, studying the market and touring homes, so they can provide the most accurate housing market data for their you their client. This helps you better

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David Lee

  • Email:
  • Cell:  425-533-5622
  • Office:  253-336-8251
  • Fax: 425-502-6408

We are happy to welcome David Lee to The Cascade Team! 

David has many years of experience in Retail and Corporate Architecture before switching to real estate; he most recently was the Project Director at Environetic Design Group (China) Ltd. He earned his Bachelor of Science from Chung Yuan Christian University in Taiwan, as well as his Masters in Architecture from Washington University in St. Louis. David speaks Chinese, Taiwanese and Shichuan Dialect; and he will be joining our Bellevue Office.

We are very happy to have David on and look forward to seeing his success!


Our Local Real

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7 Steps to a Stress-Free Home Closing


This cheat sheet helps you do your homework, so you know what you’re signing when you close the sale of your home.

You’ve already cleared several hurdles by finding the right home, negotiating the best price, and getting approved for a mortgage. The last obstacle on your homebuying track is the closing, which can be both tedious and tense. By knowing what to expect and doing some legwork, you can smoothly put your closing behind you. These seven steps will guide you.

1.  Set a Closing Date

Ask your title company to set a closing date and time that meshes with the end of your lease or the sale of your existing home. Don’t want to skip work? Ask for an evening or weekend closing. Tight on cash?

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6 Tips for Choosing the Best Offer for Your Home

Have a plan for reviewing purchase offers so you don't let the best slip through your fingers.

 You’ve worked hard to get your home ready for sale and to price it properly. With any luck, offers will come quickly. You’ll need to review each carefully to determine its strengths and drawbacks and pick one to accept. Here’s a plan for evaluating offers.

1. Understand the process

All offers are negotiable, as your agent will tell you. When you receive an offer, you can accept it, reject it, or respond by asking that terms be modified, which is called making a counteroffer.

2. Set baselines

Decide in advance what terms are most important to you. For instance, if price is most important, you may

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The Cascade Team is happy to announce its 3D Walkthrough feature that utilizes Matterport’s 3D technology and cloud services and that will be offered for all Cascade Team agent-listed homes for sale.

Just imagine being able to immerse yourself in a location at any time from any place – and experiencing it as though you were there – just what 3D media provides.

In real estate the images have to be great, so the bar for visual quality was set very high from the start. Real estate listings can sink or swim on the quality of visual media. If a 3D photo didn’t capture the essence of the house or if 3D images were dim or distorted, it could make a listing even worse. The Cascade Team quickly realized that this new technology wasn’t about being a 3D

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Tips on How To Prepare Your Home for Holiday Guests

Is your home ready for holiday visits from friends and family? Here’s how to prepare for the invasion.

I'm lucky and have a guest suite always ready for holiday guests. But even with a dedicated space, preparing my home for the annual onslaught of friends and family takes time and forethought.

Some preparations for holiday guests take only a few minutes; some take a lot longer. My advice: Start preparing your home for the holidays now.


The day before guests arrive is no time to pull apart junk drawers and clean out linen closets. Declutter guest rooms and public areas — foyer, kitchen, living room, den, and dining room. Remove anything unnecessary from countertops, coffee

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If you're saving for a home while prices are rising, why not let the market help you?


It's great to save up for a large down payment of 20% or more. Yet, when prices are on the rise, saving quickly enough to keep pace can be extremely difficult.


In times such as these, why not let the market build equity for you instead? Owning a home in an appreciating market can build equity faster than most people can save. For example, a $200,000 home that appreciates by 6% gains $1,000 per month in equity.


What are the benefits of buying now?


Getting ahead of rising prices and rates. Purchasing with a small down payment often means you're required to purchase mortgage insurance (MI or PMI for Private MI). Your total

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