Are You Ready To Elevate Your Business or Career in 2018?

Posted by on Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018 at 4:48pm

Do You Have The Courage and Fearlessness to Elevate Your Business in 2018?

Establishing purpose, fearlessness, and determination.

When you look at businesses across the real estate industry, you see the ones that succeed all share a common trait: they have purpose. The idea of establishing purpose is absolutely critical to any entrepreneur’s journey if they plan to grow their business. Without knowing what you want and why you want it, you can’t formulate the goals you need to achieve in order to succeed.

Courage is refined, renewed and revealed in ordinary everyday living. Courage is never the preserve of the heroes or the powerful. The choice to choose courage for daily living is life-altering. How about choosing the word “courage” as your daily word for 2018?

Now is the time to start setting the “Table” for your real estate business for 2018. At the Cascade Team we will show you step-by-step exactly what our top performers do to get to the positions they are at. Unlike at other companies, The Cascade Team will help you develop a business plan, implement it, and help hold you accountable to reaching the results and goals you set for yourself! Our rookie of the year (David Reynolds) for 2017 completed 121 transactions his first year, and another rookie agent (Simmi Kher) who never held a real estate license before completed 22 transactions and earned over $300,000 her first full year!… And we’ll hand you the keys and blueprints to do exactly the same thing… It’s all up to you!  

We want to help you become the best agent you can be!

Every month The Cascade Team provides professional training in our agent support center. Certified clock-hour instructors provide you FREE clock hour classes on topics ranging from: Purchase and Sale Forms and Addendums, Title Reports, The Escrow Process, Creating High Performance Client Relationships & More!

We also offer Engaged Marketing classes, designed to help take you to the next level! This is the class that will show you step-by-step exactly how one ex-Re-Max agent came to The Cascade Team doing 5 deals a year and how he has now done 100+ transactions a year for 3 straight years. How a Windermere agent went from 6 transactions to over 120, and how rookie agents with no experience do, 30 to 50 transactions their first year and make $300,000 to $400,000!

From selecting your marketing “Farm” area, to connecting with other local vendors and businesses, creating and distributing custom marketing materials to get noticed, delivering the listing presentation, holding open houses, Social Media marketing, and creating full community engagement…. Our engaged marketing class is your guide to complete real estate success and is unmatched in its completeness, simplicity, and effectiveness.

Contact Janet Jolly-Porter: or 425-830-6743 to set up your appointment to learn more and tell her Fredrick sent you.

While most brokerages will try to sell you what you need to succeed, we believe in providing our agents with these tools. We offer leads, mentoring, Certified Transaction Coordinators, monthly training sessions, 24/7 Managing Broker access, complete marketing support and much more--all for a 1% listing fee!

See: The Cascade Team: Real Agents / Real Success

Here is your chance to be part of an innovative Real Estate Brokerage that's changing how things are done!

Whether you’re an experienced agent or brand new, we will give you everything you need to take things to the next level and reach your potential!

We provide each one of our agents with a Certified Transaction Coordinator who will take care of all of the following:

  • Place listings on the NWMLS and The Cascade Team website.
  • Build your listings Personal Property Website.
  • Create your marketing board.
  • Order the sign installed/removed.
  • Place the listing on all the additional advertising websites.
  • Make price changes.
  • Remind you of inspection.
  • Coordinate with Escrow and mortgage.
  • Serve as a second contact for your client Buying or Selling.

Additionally, our full time director of marketing will help you build your own personal real estate brand and tie it in effectively with company marketing for maximum impact and success. IT Support will you with e-mail, personal websites, building social media pages and more.

Your Professional Stager is there to work with homeowners before listing and help get them ready for being active. They can also help with New Construction to pick out colors and options, and much more!

  • 24/7 Broker access. If you have a question, want a second opinion, or need any assistance whatsoever, we’re here for you!
  • (New Agent) David Reynolds did 121 transactions hi rookie year! (2017)
  • Simmi Kher earned over $300,000 in her first full year with The Cascade Team
  • Shannon Woodcock went from 6 transaction at Windermere to becoming the #1 Ranked Broker by transactions for Woodinville ! 
  • Leanna Young from 5 transactions at JLS to 38 with TCT the next year and then to 57 the year after that.
  • Tonya Eliason was a new agents when she joined The Cascade Team! Now she is the #1 Broker in the Snoqualmie Valley 
  • And countless other success stories like these.
  • We will show you step-by-step how to make results like these your own!

See: The Cascade Team: Real Agents / Real Success

Contact Janet Jolly-Porter: or 425-830-6743 to set up your appointment to learn more and tell her Fredrick sent you.

The Cascade Team has 20+ offices in 5 States including 13 offices in Washington including Seattle, Issaquah, Woodinville, Tacoma, Spokane, Sammamish, North Bend, Vancouver and more!





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