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  •       August show month-to-month drops in new listings, total inventory, pending sales, close sales, and median prices.
  •          NWMLS statistics show the volume of new listings added during August declined from July (down 11.5%)
  •          “We are seeing homes stay on the market slightly longer and more instances of sellers overpricing their properties.
  •          Prices showed signs of moderating during August. The average price was down $10,000 from July.

Northwest MLS brokers say August housing activity follows patterns of seasonal slowing KIRKLAND, Washington (September 7, 2021) – August typically brings a dip in housing activity and this year was no different, according to representatives from Northwest Multiple Listing Service

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On this pretty September morning, I decided to pack up my two sidekicks, Max and Lucy, and explore Kathy's trail which is located in the Issaquah Highlands.  It is listed on AllTrails as a 1.2 mile out and back trail.



I started at the trailhead located at the end of 15th Ave NE.  Parking was easily found on the street near the trail.  The trail is an easy 0.6 mile to Trailhead Vista with a gentle incline of about 242 feet according to AllTrails (although my app shows it as 369 ft gain-still very mild).  The trail follows through some old growth trees and woods with a small wooden bridge crossing. 


Once at Trailhead Vista, you can turn back around to make the hike a quick and easy outing for the day.  Or, from

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The flaming-hot housing market has seen median home prices soar an unprecedented 24% since the outbreak of the virus last year. But in recent weeks, that fire has lost some of its heat as buyers finally start to push back at sky-high prices. Simply put: The housing market is slowing a bit.

Already, a growing list of doomsayers point to the shifting market as taking us one step closer to a bursting housing bubble. In their minds, housing went up too fast and now must come back down.

But what does the data say? When you look under the hood, the run-up to 2008 housing bubble and the hot 2021 housing market are very different bull markets. While there are several reasons why our latest frenzy won’t result in a bust, there’s one reason in

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Most of the real estate marketing you see out there from other companies is all about “Them…. The Agent.”

Completely missing the most important point… It’s not about “Them”….. It’s about “The Client/Customer.”


Everyone loves talking about themselves. That’s a truism from Psychology 101. So seeing a mailer from an agent where people have said nice things about them or given testimonials looks amazing. They also love to show off all the homes they have sold…

And all of those homes?.... Well, it’s good to know that the agent is making a lot of money….. But there isn’t anything mentioning the value or savings to the customer.  

In a nut-shell… It’s all about “Them”

It isn’t about “Me”

As your dedicated real estate

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Home buyers are finding some relief, but Northwest MLS brokers say it is temporary.

  •          New listings slightly outgain homes going under contract.
  •          Highest level of Inventory since October of 2020
  •          There is some ‘normalization’ in our market as it relates to the historical summer slowdown.”
  •          This is due to a typical mid-summer season market combined with some buyer fatigue
  •          14 of the 26 counties in the Northwest MLS report showed year-over-year (YOY) gains in new listings
  •          14 of the 26 counties in the Northwest MLS report showed year-over-year (YOY) gains in new listings
  •          Buyers act NOW. Sellers don’t panic:
  •          With a lack of new construction coming on the
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