Dear Klahanie Homeowners . . .

Posted by Jennifer Lemus on Friday, April 2nd, 2021 at 2:48pm

Dear Klahanie Homeowners,

You know the housing market is hot. You saw the white sign posted in your neighbor's yard and then noticed it disappear almost as fast as it appeared. You have heard rumors from neighbors about how much other Klahanie homeowners are getting for their homes. You checked Zillow and Redfin for your home value but wondered if their numbers can even keep up with this market. ProTip: You can get an instant valuation HERE or, for the most precise and accurate valuation, contact me HERE (or just text/call me at 316-737-8545) for free, no-obligation market analysis and valuation of your home. 

As a Klahanie resident, I am intimately familiar with the stats in our neighborhood. The fact is: we live in a VERY desirable community. Klahanie houses, condos, and townhomes are flying off the market at record speed and selling for prices way over the asking price. In fact, every single-family home in Klahanie that closed in the past month (after being listed on the MLS) sold for more than $1,000,000. Most of them listed under $1M but they ALL sold for over $1M. Most likely, your Klahanie single-family home is worth more than $1,000,000 ... even without all of the updates that may be on your to-do list.   

ProTip: Make sure you hire the right real estate broker to list your home. Are you losing thousands of dollars by paying too much in commission? On a $1M sale, my full-service for 1% listing fee (+3% buyer agent fee) saves my clients $20,000 compared with agents who charge a 3% listing fee (+3% buyer agent fee)!

Let's Breakdown the Stats:

Right now, there are 6 active listings in Klahanie. They have all been on the market for 1 day. Of those 6 listings, 4 are single-family homes. Two of those homes have 4 bedrooms / 2.5 bathrooms, over 2,600 sq ft, and are listed for over $1M. The other 2 single-family homes have 3 bedrooms / 2.25-2.5 bathrooms, 1800-2100 sq ft, and are listed for $930,000 - $950,000. The remaining 2 active listings in Klahanie are a townhome and a condo. Both have 3 bedrooms and 2-2.25 bathrooms. They are listed for $415,000 and $640,000. 

There are currently 12 pending listings in Klahanie. They were active on the market for 3-8 days (depending on the property). Of those 12 properties, 8 of them are single-family homes, 3 are townhomes, and 1 is a condo. The single-family homes range from 3-4 bedrooms, 2-3 bathrooms, and 1610-2560 sq ft. Their listing prices range from $875,000 - $994,500. The 3 townhomes range from 2-3 bedrooms, 2.25-2.5 bathrooms, and 1151-1484 sq ft. Their listing prices range from $480,000 - $617,000. Finally, the pending condo has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1229 sq ft, and was listed for $460,000. I'm sure there was a lot of interest in all of these homes. I'm also sure that many of them saw bidding wars and probably sold for well over their asking prices. However, we won't know the actual selling price until these properties close. 

Finally, there are 11 properties in Klahanie that sold in the past month. One of those properties was a single-family home that was not listed on the MLS. This means the homeowner sold their home without putting it on the market. Even in a hot seller's market, this can be a risky move if you want top-dollar for your house. In this case, the un-listed house has 3 bedrooms, 2/25 bathrooms, 1860 sq ft, and sold for $950,000.

Now for the remaining 10 properties that were listed on the market and sold in the past month. Of those 10 listings, 5 are single-family homes, 3 are condos, and 1 is a townhome. The single-family homes were on the market for 2-7 days. They range from 3-4 bedrooms, all have 2.5 bathrooms, range from 1870-2500 sq ft, listed for $838,000 - $990,000, and sold for $1,028,000 - $1,315,000. EVERY SINGLE ONE SOLD FOR OVER $1M. (Make sure you're not losing $$$ by overpaying for broker fees!) The townhome was on the market for 5 days. It has 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, and 1484 sq ft. The townhome was listed for $600,000 and sold for $738,000. Four condos in Klahanie closed in the past month. They range from 1-2 bedrooms, 1-2 bathrooms, and 704-942 sq ft. They all originally listed between $320,000 - $392,000 and sold between $290,000 - $407,000. 

If you have been waiting to sell, NOW is truly the best time! Even if you bought your Klahanie home 1-2 years ago, you may be shocked at the amount of equity already established in your home. As a broker who was previously a lawyer, I am ready to negotiate and be a zealous advocate for you, making sure that you get the best deal on your home.

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