Drones and Real Estate

Posted by on Tuesday, March 1st, 2016 at 9:51pm

Technology is becoming more prevalent each and every day. Most technologies are intended for good, but some are considered invasive, and some even cross over to the dark side...cue Darth Vader music (drone whizzes past).

Drones have many practical uses, both personal and professional, and you can add real estate photography to that list.

In a world where still photos are the norm, and brokers are looking for a way to stand out, drones can capture unique vantage points and give a listing special appeal. But that appeal does not always come easy.

According to Neal Ungerleider, writer with Fast Company:

"The FAA currently allows commercial, for-profit drone use under limited circumstances and through a complicated registration process..."

Because of demand for drones, many skirt the system and operate under a "don't ask, don't tell" position, using drones without permission. There are plans from the FAA to streamline the approval of drone commercial use in 2016, and when that happens, Ungerleider "expect[s] the category to skyrocket."

Here are more FAQs on the FAA web site for operating an unmanned aircraft for business purposes.

Tell us what you think about drones being used in real estate photography or in general...


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