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Posted by on Thursday, November 15th, 2018 at 7:33am

For the next few weeks For The Love of Renton will be focusing on all things Holiday Cheer! AND there is nothing more cheerful to me than desserts. While I love to cook I’m a terrible baker so that usually means I’m trying to pick something up at the store that might be halfway decent. In recent months I have stumbled across some amazing women with dessert super powers. With all the Holiday events coming up I wanted to feature some Renton businesses that can solve all your holiday dessert problems. 

I absolutely love what I do!! Because I wear multiple hats throughout my day as a mom, real estate broker, lunch lady, wife, friend, daughter, blogger, I get to meet lots of people throughout the week. I love to hear the stories of those I connect with. This week I’m am so excited to tell you about someone I recently met and just wait until you see what her business is. Denise Gomes is a local Renton entrepreneur, Mom of 6, teacher, and ICE CREAM CAKE MAKER!!!! I thought I loved my job. In Denise’s spare time she whips up these absolutely beautiful ice cream cakes and can customize flavors and toppings to include all your favorites. Enough typing…check out the photos!


They are amazing, RIGHT? I’m trying to decide on an ice cream cake schedule so I can bring one to every event possible! When I met Denise I sent her some questions about her new business. She is such an inspiration that I’m including her answers below. 

Tracy: Why ice cream cakes?

Denise: I come from a family of ice cream lovers! I started making ice cream cakes after watching a friend make one at one of our local stores. I thought “I could do that”, but wanted to try something with a variety of different ice creams and fillings. We then started experimenting at home with our children's favorites! Six kiddos later, I decided to try a small business Facebook page. Although I have a full time job teaching at Tiffany Park Elementary, somedays it’s nice to do a little creating with a favorite sweet and cold treat!

Tracy: What makes your ice cream cakes so special?

Denise: I love making custom ice cream cakes! Each cake is made by taking a brownie or cookie crust and filling it with your favorite ice cream, candy, and filling. Each cake is topped with whip cream and treats.  Cakes can be made with several kinds of ice cream and might even have a layer of cake or brownie inside.  Sizes come in 9 inch, 6 inch, or 3 ½ mini cakes. 

Tracy: What is your favorite?

Denise: My favorite are cakes with peanut butter and fudge!

You can see even more delicious cakes on Denise’s Facebook page  or by calling 206-406-5699. She’s currently taking orders for November and December. Tell her Steve and Tracy sent you.

The For The Love Of Renton Winter blog series will feature family owned businesses offering Holiday Cheer specials during November and December. Beginning January 2019 we will run a series called Starting New/Hints & Hacks for Home Organization.  If you have or know of a business that should be featured let us know at

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