Great Crayon Drive Feedback!

Posted by The Cascade Team Real Estate on Thursday, April 9th, 2015 at 3:44pm

Read this wonderful letter Matt received today about Project Crayon Drive!

Dear Matt:

Thank you so much for collecting crayons for the patients at Children's Hospital; I did not know that such a program existed. I am very happy to help the cause with eight boxes of 64 Crayons, because being able to color with crayons helped me greatly when I was a patient at Children's in 1962.

When I was six years old, my appendix ruptured at home and I was rushed to Children's where I had emergency surgery (twice). I was very sick and not expected to live. In fact, our parish priest came to the hospital to administer Last Rites. Obviously, I didn't die, but I spent three long weeks at Children's getting well enough to go home. After staring at the celling day after day with nothing to do, a Candy Striper appeared and asked me if I'd like some crayons. Being able to create colorful art made such a difference to my remaining day in the hospital.

I will always be grateful to Children's Hospital for saving my life and I'm grateful to you for helping to make the time the young patients spend in the hospital much more bearable.

Sincerely, Mary.

Celebrating 10 Years of Project Crayon Drive

Help Us Brighten A Child's Life!

For the 10th year, The Cascade Team is once again hosting Project Crayon Drive this April!  For the young who find themselves at Seattle Children’s Hospital, sometimes the simple things like a coloring book and a few crayons can be as soothing as the trained staff and smiling doctors. Yet, something as simple as crayons often goes overlooked. Each year, Children’s Hospital goes through over 240,000 crayons, but each child only gets a couple to use. 

And that’s where The Cascade Team — in partnership with the Children’s Hospital Guild Association and several area merchants — comes in. Throughout the month of April, agents from The Cascade Team will be walking neighborhoods and spreading the word about Project Crayon Drive.


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