Great experience at QFC Redmond Ridge

Posted by on Wednesday, April 6th, 2011 at 2:17pm

vl_qfc_redmond_ridge_400Usually we're quick to talk about a bad experience and rarely talk about the good ones. Well here is a good one I had today at the QFC in Redmond Ridge.

This morning I went to QFC to get some lunch for later. I'm in Redmond Ridge staffing a model home today and can't leave to grab some lunch. I picked up a sandwich, two Diet Cokes and a candy bar that I probably shouldn't have*. I went up to the self checkout with my items and the woman monitoring the station walked up and said she noticed what I picked and had remembered a coupon for $2.00 off when you buy two Cokes and a candy bar. She grabbed a coupon, ran it for me and I was on my way with two extra bucks in my pocket.

It's nice to see people going the extra mile like that. I was in self checkout so she could have just ignored what I was doing and I would have been fine with my shopping experience. However, she decided to pay attention and when she remembered the offer, she helped me out readily. Her attentiveness and my thoughts of QFC now are worth far more than the $2.00 I saved.

*OK, it was 2 candy bars since it was buy one, get one free and I don’t like to pass up a good deal. Yes, I ate both.

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