How To Be A Good Realtor In Today's Market

Posted by Doug Young on Wednesday, June 11th, 2014 at 12:02pm

What makes a good real estate agent or Realtor?


Stop thinking it's about you. It's about the client. Constantly think about how (and if) your clients benefit from everything you do or say.  It's not always easy to put your client first, but in the end it pays big dividends.

Sell benefits, not features. Don't just explain to a family of four that a home features five bedrooms. Point out that the fifth bedroom could be used as a media room, a home office, an exercise room, etc.  Ultimately, it's your job to explain how the features of the home will benefit your client.

Don't be the source. Be the source of the source. For example, if clients are wondering about schools, give them a report from the school district.  While your license doesn't allow you to make definitive statements regarding schools or boundaries, provide your client with access to the information that can help them answer their questions.  Your unique value proposition is your knowledge of the market and your experience in real estate, so stick that.

Don't wait for clients to ask about commission. Show them what you are going to do to market their home and the value proposition you bring.  TCT Real Estate provides one of the strongest marketing platforms for clients, so make sure they understand what they are getting and what you are charging for it.

Buy a closing gift and don't skimp on it. Closing is your first big opportunity to say "thank you" to your clients and to cement their ongoing loyalty. So don't skimp, this may prompt the client to return or to send a referral your way.  Once the deal is closed, your relationship with that client is just starting.  Be sure to stay in contact down the road.

Work to keep your clients after the sale. If all you do is close five deals a year and you keep those people as clients, at the end of 20 years you will have 100 faithful clients sending you business; either their own purchase and home sales, or people they know and trust. There are a number of ways to stay in contact and keep your clients loyal to you down the road.  The number one reason people don't use the same agent again, or refer anyone to them, is that they don't stay in touch.  Sending a Christmas gift or Anniversary gift is a great way to do this.

Just pick up the phone! Average agents avoid picking up the phone to talk to clients, especially if the task at hand is unpleasant. But if you apply a client first philosophy, no situation will be made worse by talking to a client; and most will be made better!

Strive to be an expert. Super agents read materials related to the real estate field and they are constant learners. They attend seminars, conferences, meetings, and networking events, too. Then they position themselves as a source of reliable information through newsletters, blogs, seminars, social media, etc.  You are not only an expert on real estate, you are an expert in the area you work and farm.

Treat other agents with respect. They may be competition, but they are not the enemy. All agents expand the inventory available to buyers and expand the buyer pool to sellers, and as a real estate professional, each agent needs to work directly with other agents. So the next time you're interacting with a competitor, treat them with respect and courtesy and remind yourself that no one succeeds alone.

Do the right thing when you screw up. There is always the possibility of making a mistake in a transaction, so if you do mess up, own it and make it right.  This may even cost you money at the end of the day, but in the end you'll win by creating a client for life.

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