How to get your home on page one with Yahoo and Zillow.

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vl_browser_address_bar_400When selling a home getting it to the top of search results is critical. Yahoo and Zillow form the largest real estate network on the web* and getting to the top of their results greatly benefits sellers. Top placement is critical because buyer searches often return 20 pages of homes to look through. Think of your own search habits. How often do you plow through 20 pages of results?

If you interview agents to sell your home, most say they will advertise it with Yahoo and Zillow. Don’t be fooled and think this is an advantage because it isn’t. The vast majority are just placing free ads on those sites. Those free ads are relegated to the back of the line in search results. There is only one way to get to the top of results with these two sites and that is being part of their Premier Agent programs. To be a Premier Agent requires a significant investment in money and time. The program is exclusive to each area and membership in each program is limited to maintain that exclusivity.

Victor and The Cascade Team are part of the Premier Agent Program and offer featured placement at both Zillow and Yahoo for every seller they represent. Each home they list will appear in the top results and get the most marketing exposure possible.

(*) The Yahoo-Zillow Real Estate Network was the most visited real estate entity (including both networks and individual websites) as measured by ComScore Media Metrix, December 2010

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