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After topping the list just a year earlier as the "Richest" city in America (See: Sammamish Tops Census List of Richest Cities in America) Sammamish has now been named as the Best Small City to Live in America by Wallethub. 

SAMMAMISH, Wash. -- The Eastside suburb of Sammamish was named the Best Small City to Live in America by a new survey, though it was quite a bit of company from fellow Eastside neighbors near the top of the list.

Wallethub compared 1,200 cities across the nation with populations between 25,000 and 100,000 and scored them against 43 indicators ranging from housing costs to school system quality to restaurants per capita -- even how they are handling the COVID-19 outbreak.

Source: WalletHub

Out of 1,200,

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Looking for something a little “Extra” in your next home? Perhaps bats in the belfries, a strange thumping sounds in the walls, on voices from the basement? Well then you’re in luck… Just in time for Halloween The Cascade Team Real Estate presents our Haunted House Hunting Checklist!  

While some unexpected ghosts may come with a house, most of the surveyed consumers agree on one thing: They prefer to live in a home that is ghost-free. They’re much more willing to live next to a haunted house, though. Nearly 43% of respondents were willing to live next to a house they believed is haunted.

Thirty-seven percent of respondents say they had a feeling the home they wanted to buy was haunted, but they decided to move in anyway, the survey showed.

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The only thing more scary than paying too high of a commission to sell your home… Is realizing that you don’t have too while getting even MORE service and support than most brokerages offer at a higher fee!

The Cascade Team Agents are Full Service. We are a real estate company like no other, because of the tools, service and savings we provide our clients with. We understand that in today’s fast paced environment, we need to provide a high level of service, utilize technology to keep our clients up to date at all times and provide added value to both buyers and sellers in the transaction. By leveraging these technological tools, it allows our agents to focus more of their time to servicing our clients, and also provide the most comprehensive

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Understanding the Numbers When Buying in a Low Inventory Real Estate Market

As a homebuyer in today’s market, you’re no doubt at your wit’s end trying to find your dream home.

And when you find a home you love,  you’re competing with all cash offers and bidding wars driving the sales price above what it’s listed for, and many times, even above what the home is actually worth!

While there is nothing you can do to create more homes for sale, you can certainly arm yourself by understanding the trends and patterns in the areas you’re trying to buy in.

While it’s not quite rocket science, there is definitely a significant competitive advantage to those that understand the trends of a real estate market.

Sometimes, being competitive means not

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In the last decade, the housing market in the United States has undergone a transformation. Newcomers hunting for their first homes are finding higher prices in many locations since the lows of 2008 and 2009. At the same time, they’re having a harder time getting the tax breaks that once helped offset the costs of hefty mortgages.

Despite these realty realities, buying a home that fits your wish list in terms of price, location, size and condition could be a great investment. Unlike monthly rent checks, every mortgage payment on a home can be viewed as an investment. And mortgage interest rates are extremely low—the average rate as of October 2019 was 3.77% for a 30-year mortgage.

Here’s a look at recent changes in the housing

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Sellers Are Returning to the Housing Market | MyKCM


In today’s housing market, it can be a big challenge for buyers to find homes to purchase, as the number of houses for sale is far below the current demand. Now, however, we’re seeing sellers slowly starting to come back into the market, a bright spark for potential buyers. Javier Vivas, Director of Economic Researchat, explains:

“Seller confidence has been improving gradually after reaching its bottom in mid-April, and now it appears to have reached an important recovery milestone…After five long months, sellers are back in the housing market; while encouraging, the improvement to new listings is only the first step in the long road to solving low inventory issues keeping many buyers at bay."

Even with the number of

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Seattle area prices rising during pandemic

The Seattle Times was out with an article with the latest on the Seattle market and how pricing is still rising during the pandemic. I found this was particularly interesting:

Homes in the King, Pierce and Snohomish tri-county area saw average year-over-year price increases of 6.8% in May, according to the new release of the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Home Price Index — the sixth consecutive month Seattle-area price growth has topped national averages.

This is not surprising. We are seeing good homes in popular locations selling fast, often with multiple offers. Inventory of homes for buyers to choose from is still tight. Buyers who are ready to make a move and want to learn how to beat the

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June 2020 Market Statistics

REcolorado June housing market report is showing that a robust housing market still exists in Colorado and Great Denver.  Across the state, there was nice improvement in buyer activity as COVID restrictions were reduced and buyers reentered the market.  Overall, pending home sales (homes under contract) saw significant gains as local brokers wrote an increasing number of new contracts.

Denver Metro Market Statistics

In June, the Denver Metro housing market numbers, from REcolorado, show signs of a seller's home market which is heating up, as several indicators showed year-over-increases. The total number of closed properties was 3% higher than last June and the number of Pending Listings was 28% than last year as

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The key to effectively managing a single-family rental property during any economic cycle hinges on an investor’s ability to maximize their property’s value.

As the current U.S. unemployment rate hovers above Great Depression-Era levels, many property owners are having rent delinquency, leasing and management issues.

So, what can an investor do during the current economic situation to protect their asset? What immediate steps can they take to curtail delinquencies, sign new tenants and avoid long-term vacancies? 

The first step is to ensure that the property generates steady monthly rental income in the most efficient manner, even when renters are losing their jobs. Oftentimes, ensuring that a rental produces steady returns, while minimizing

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