Narrows Park, Gig Harbor WA.

Posted by on Monday, May 4th, 2015 at 7:19am

Adventures in Gig Harbor!

To fully enjoy this park you need to check the tide tables and you want to go to the tide table and select a date or range of days.  In my case I selected May 4th, best day of the year because it's my Birthday!!!

Day High/Low Tide Time Height Ft Sunrise/Sunrise Moon Time % Moon Visible
4 Low 12:07 AM 5.2 5:49 PM Set 6:25 AM 99%
4 High 5:30 AM 11.0 8:26 PM Rise 9:11 PM  
4 Low 12:19 PM -0.7        
4 High 7:10 PM 11.4        

You will see that you have low tide at 12:07 AM, not going to a hike then! And low again at 12:19 PM, perfect time for a hike. Its best to leave about an hour before low tide, you will then get a slack before it starts to come in. There is plenty of parking and it's a 2 minute walk to the beach. Dogs are allowed but it there are lots of shells and rocks. On to the pictures! Parking lot Narrows Bridge Random Motorcycle which should be seen as trash but it was so odd to see it there that it was fascinating. This tree was about 40' long and the bank had slid, the tree was still alive and just a foot from the beach. Entrance to Gig Harbor Bay Closer and now were getting into the homes on Harborview Beach This is the Bridge on the way back, the water was awesome and calm. My favorite picture was under the bridge on the hike back, the way the sun came through was amazing. The entire hike took about 4 hours, we fiddled around and took tons of pictures. For the most part it was flat but you want good supportive shoes or boots. There was one tree root we had to climb around but it was fairly simple and I wouldn't have any problem taking my parents. Hope you enjoyed the pictures of The Narrows Park, Gig Harbor, WA.

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