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    "I Need 20% Down" and Other Home-Buying Myths About Mortgages

    Tips for shopping around for a mortgage — even if you think you don’t qualify. Read


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Want to find out how to use your  VA Home Loan Benefits?

  Check out the article below to learn the process 


VA loans are a specialized mortgage option. They feature some big financial benefits other loan programs can’t match.

But the process of buying a home with one isn’t considerably different from any other loan.

Here’s a brief look at the VA loan process.

Pre-qualification & pre-approval

This is a critical first step. VA loan pre-qualification and pre-approval requirements can vary by lender. VA lenders are often looking for a FICO score of at least 620, a benchmark considerably lower than what you’ll typically need for conventional financing.

Getting pre-qualified and pre-approved gives borrowers a clear sense of

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How To Compete With Other Home Buyers and Win in the  Bellevue-Seattle Area

Compete with other home buyers and winThe Bellevue-Seattle real estate market is hot for sellers right now.  If you're a home seller, this is great news!  You may get multiple offers and possibly over asking price!  If you are a home buyer, well, this is a completely different story.  There are not enough homes to go around to all of the buyers who are ready to buy, so that is why we are getting multiple offers --- a simple case of supply and demand. 

Below are some tips to help you on how to compete with other home buyers and WIN in the Bellevue-Seattle area:

1.  Get your finances in order.  Find a great mortgage broker/lender to give you a pre approval letter or better yet, get underwritten for a loan prior

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