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Are you thinking about buying a home or condo this year? Seriously? You're not going to make up any of those same old excuses you have for the past several years? What's different this year? Oh! You've seen home prices skyrocket over the past few years. And you missed out, big time! On top of that, I imagine your rent is probably getting out of hand as well. Try moving to a different apartment or rental and it will hurt even more.

It's time to stop the madness! Yes, I have basketball on the brain and can't wait for March Madness. My point is that real estate is a spectator sport and you need to get in the game. Let me see your game face! Needs more practice. Kidding aside, if you plan on buying a home, there's no better time than the present.

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How To Compete With Other Home Buyers and Win in the  Bellevue-Seattle Area

Compete with other home buyers and winThe Bellevue-Seattle real estate market is hot for sellers right now.  If you're a home seller, this is great news!  You may get multiple offers and possibly over asking price!  If you are a home buyer, well, this is a completely different story.  There are not enough homes to go around to all of the buyers who are ready to buy, so that is why we are getting multiple offers --- a simple case of supply and demand. 

Below are some tips to help you on how to compete with other home buyers and WIN in the Bellevue-Seattle area:

1.  Get your finances in order.  Find a great mortgage broker/lender to give you a pre approval letter or better yet, get underwritten for a loan prior

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Many contracts today utilize homeowner review periods as a contingency for the buyer.  Many times they are used as outs for a contract, but there appears to be little a home seller can do to keep a buyer committed if they want out.  As a seller what are some things you can do, and what should you be aware of with regards to homeowner's associations and real estate contracts.  (Of course not all properties are members of and subject to a Homeowner’s Association, so this may not apply to your purchase or sale).

As a buyer, if the property you have made an offer on is part of a structured community or condo association, with mutually agreed rules and regulations, you will have some paperwork to

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