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Although consumer confidence seemed low in January with only 15 closed sales in Snoqualmie, and 20 in North Bend  in what I feel is mainly due to the government shutdown; the market looking strong for sellers and buyers!


The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) voted to leave policy rates unchanged earlier this week during what was one of only eight regularly scheduled meeting the FOMC holds per year. Signaling that we may not see any further rate hikes this year. 




Rates are still low by historical standards! Purchasing a home 10 or more years ago, chances are we were paying a much higher rate. Keep in mind we are still continuing trade talks with China and March 1st is the deadline for an agreement. However, with rates

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Are you thinking about buying a home or condo this year? Seriously? You're not going to make up any of those same old excuses you have for the past several years? What's different this year? Oh! You've seen home prices skyrocket over the past few years. And you missed out, big time! On top of that, I imagine your rent is probably getting out of hand as well. Try moving to a different apartment or rental and it will hurt even more.

It's time to stop the madness! Yes, I have basketball on the brain and can't wait for March Madness. My point is that real estate is a spectator sport and you need to get in the game. Let me see your game face! Needs more practice. Kidding aside, if you plan on buying a home, there's no better time than the present.

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