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Familiarity does not always inspire popularity. Located a hop, skip, and a jump away from historic and scenic Snoqualmie Falls, The BIndlestick is situated across from Snoqualmie's Railway Museum. Conveniently walkable, the location is extremely close to the Snoqualmie River front parks such as Riverview Park and Sandy Cove picnic locations.



The Bindlestick is owned and operated by local 18 year Snoqualmie resident, Rachelle Armstrong, and her local staff. Rachelle bought the business from a friend, another local resident, and has truly made the place her own! It's almost as if The Bindlestick was waiting for her before show casing its true Snoqualmie colors!

These are not the only reasons locals seem to be obsessed with the popular

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Snoqualmie Falls 

Snoqualmie Falls is undoubtedly one of Washington's many cherished natural landscapes that is enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people each year. Whether it's during the calm of a late summer as the last of winter runoffs finally hit the cliff or in the aftermath of a midwinter storm that brings on the magnificent and powerful force of all the waters battling to be the first to make the profound jump off its narrow openings. 

Snoqualmie and the surrounding area has gone through tremendous growth through the last 15+ years and with a lot of debate as to whether it is beneficial or not with both sides taking staunch positions. The outlook is that growth and development will continue to happen as housing options continue to be strained by availability

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