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Posted by April Palmer on Wednesday, February 5th, 2020 at 2:34pm

There are many reasons why I chose to join The Cascade Team. I came from another firm and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about them, but real estate is hard, harder than it looks from the perspective of the general public. Everything is done independently, as an agent you learn by trial by fire. You are expected to market your listings on your own, and while I have a background as a business owner and am used to posting Facebook ads etc, not all agents manage to do this well. Most agents are very well intentioned, but putting a house on the NWMLS, hosting a couple of open houses, printing out some flyers and "hoping you get buyers" is not the best strategy for some homes. Yes, if inventory is low, frequently you can get offers without specifically going over and above to market your listing, but not all homes show well, not all homes are in competitive areas and not all homes are listed during the time of the year when competition is sparse. For example, if you are trying to sell in the area that I specialize in, Monroe and Sultan, you don't get as many eyes on your listings. 

What does The Cascade Team do that other firms don't do and why are they better, even though they do it all for a 1% listing fee (plus buyer's agent commission)? Well they have marketing down. They are better than any individual agent could ever be and every home listed with me has the full support of The Team's marketing prowess. Your home gets listed on over 300 real estate websites, it gets it's own social media campaign (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and more), we use retargeting to keep buyers interested. What is retargeting? If a buyer shows interest in your home, your listing starts following them around the internet, much like if you Google printers, printers start appearing in your Facebook news feed. 

We are also the ONLY firm that has a direct feed into Zillow. Other firm's listings get pulled from the NWMLS, which limits the amount of content you can upload about your house. With some houses it's hard to limit photos and verbage, but when you list with me we can upload as many photos as we choose and say as much as we want to make your house stand out, and all of that will appear when buyers see your house on Zillow. 

Then there's Staging Boost! Ask me how we can access up to $55,000 in equity in your home, paid at time of closing to fix or upgrade your home to maximize the price you receive from buyers. Think your house is not ready to be sold because of the condition or repairs? Let's talk about how Staging Boost can get it ready and sell for top dollar. 

These are all of the things that come standard when you list with me at The Cascade Team! 


April Palmer, Real Estate Broker

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