Unmistakable Signs Your Kid Will Grow Up to Be An Agent Too

Posted by The Cascade Team Real Estate on Friday, October 24th, 2014 at 10:25am

Real estate is fun, exciting and can be contagious, some say infectious, and yes…even hereditary. Families with generation after generation of real estate agents are more common than anyone would think.

They’re also pretty easy to spot. Here are six signs you’re raising an agent and you’ll be coaching your “little ones” through managing their first closings one day.

1. The Mobile Lemonade Stand

When your seven year old starts strategically placing (and moving) his or her lemonade stand in efforts to bring in the big bucks, you might have a deal-maker on your hands. An innate sense of the importance of location is a clear sign that a kid has a closer’s charisma running through their veins. My son Keenan used to have a lemonade stand he would set up outside my open houses. I asked him to give out free lemonade, BUT people tipped him anyway.... Somehow he also convinced me to pay HIM for running the stand and so he's end up pulling $50 for a three hour open house engagement! : )

2. No School Supplies – Everything’s for Sale

If your former infant is willing to sell anything, including their school supplies, know that your grandkids might get fed by commission. If your child sees a payoff where others see essentials, you’re raising and entrepreneur.

3. Rolling Nap Times

One of the biggest parts of closing a real estate deal is negotiation. If you find yourself arbitrating over naptime, dessert, or other kid “concessions,” you might be bringing up an expert bargainer.

4. The Under-the-Bed Bubble

Converting a home from chaos into staging success is a critical agent skill. While we’d all like to think everything is beautiful underneath, we know that there are sometimes secret stashes and storage units full of junk behind some closings.

If your kid is an expert at room “showings” that would all unravel if you looked under the bed, he or she may have the staging chops to make it in the business. Home stagers also envy this ability!

5. Killer Contact List

Real estate professionals have to be neighborhood experts. That means they know someone who can help get almost anything done.

If your child’s virtual rolodex is bigger than yours and all of their friends call them for help solving problems, he or she might have the connections to later to become your neighborhood’s top producer.

6. They’re Bringing You Leads

One of the ancillary benefits of your bundles of joy is that they are an instant connection to the community, which can be great for business. If your tike or teen runs around telling all of their friends, teachers, and community members what you do, they may be headed for your shoes. The walking commercial kid is a sure sign that they’re paying attention and taking notes.

These are just a few we’ve heard that signal your kid has a commission in their future. What signs have you spotted?

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