What is "Full Service for 1%"?

Posted by The Cascade Team Real Estate on Monday, January 9th, 2012 at 1:56pm

What Do We Offer Our Home Sellers...
Other Than Listing For A 1% Listing Commission

In short, our Seattle and San Diego home seller clients receive full service real estate listing representation for a 1% MLS listing commission.  We still always recommend our homeseller's pay the standard rate for the buyer's agent, but on average you will save 2% of your home's selling price by working with us.  Let us help you save thousands when selling your home, but more importantly, ensure that your are marketing your home for sale to maximize your exposure to all available buyers. We provide a full complement of internet and print marketing, which hits both home buyers and real estate agents alike, to get your home the exposure it needs in this competitive real estate and home selling marketplace. Below is a list of the home selling services that our clients receive when listing their home for a 1% listing commission.  If you want to learn more about the technology tools and internet marketing we use, check out our Leading Edge Technology page.

Real Estate Brokerage Service Comparison

Take a look at the chart below to see how we offer more service that the average real estate agent out there.  Because the company stands behind their agents and provides this to all home selling clients, you get the most comprehensive marketing program for your home, regardless of what Cascade Team agent you list your home with.  We know that personalities may differ, and each agent brings their own unique skill sets, but the marketing we provide to our clients is conistent across the board, so you'll always get the most exposure possible.

Home Seller Marketing Services

You Still Pay the Buyer's Real Estate Agent

Aside from the 1% listing commission you pay to list your home for sale, we always recommend that you pay the buyer's real estate agent the traditional MLS commission of 3%. This ensures traditional real estate agents will show your home in the current home selling environment, as you don’t want to give a reason to not show your home. The total home sale commission is only 4%, instead of 6%, allowing you to keep 2% of your home's selling price in your pocket.

If you are a little more aggressive and want to get your home sold quicker, with a 2% savings, it gives you the flexibility to price your home more aggressively to get is sold quicker.

Home Seller Commission Savings


Click Here to learn more about our formula for success on mls listings for sale, or call us at (800) 509-6905.

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Marisa @ Seattle Real Estate wrote:

I think it's great that the Cascade Team is offering their services for only 1%. Technology is allowing many brokers to sell homes better in this market and with less overhead costs. Not to mention many home sellers are losing money in Seattle. It's about time some real estate brokers absorb some of the loss as well.

- Marisa
VISUM Real Estate Group

Posted on Sunday, January 22nd, 2012 at 7:29pm

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