Work continues at North Beach CSO project site

Posted by Jared Tadique on Tuesday, January 20th, 2015 at 4:02pm

Construction continues to be in full swing at the North Beach CSO Control Project site. The King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks released a progress update yesterday to keep locals informed.

This week crews are continuing to focus on preparing for and completing concrete pours for the combined sewer overflow (CSO) tank walls, mechanical/electrical building, and the 48b structure which serves as a backup for CSO discharges when the North Beach Pump Station cannot get all flows to Carkeek Park or through the main outfall.

The contractor completed the first concrete pour for the CSO tank walls on Tuesday, which required work past 6 p.m. to ensure it was completed. Crews will continue to place forms for each of the structures this week.

Several concrete pours are also planned for January and February, after which concrete pour activities are set to wind down. The CSO tank wall concrete pours must be seven days apart in order for the concrete to cure properly before proceeding with more pours.

Crews will keep locals updated on the specific dates for all planned pours as they are scheduled. Concrete pours are tentatively planned for the following dates:

  • January 16 (48b structure)
  • January 20 (CSO tank wall, 48b structure, and mechanical/electrical building)
  • January 23 (48b structure)
  • January 27 (CSO tank wall)
  • February 3 (CSO tank wall)

Check out the list of what locals should expect in the next week below:

  • Up to 20 concrete trucks are expected on the days of each of the upcoming concrete pours.
  • Trucks will be connected to a large concrete pump, which will pour concrete into the excavated tank area.
  • Concrete trucks will continue to run while in use. If trucks are not in use, they will be turned off.
  • Pumps may be used to keep the excavation site dry. Neighbors may hear gurgling and other pump sounds during the day and at night. Crews will turn off the pumps if they are not needed.
  • After sunset, lights will be used on site for worker safety. The team makes its best effort to reduce lights shining near neighbors’ homes, while maintaining safe work conditions for the construction crew.

If you have questions about the project contact Monica Van der Vieren at or call the 24 hour construction hotline at (206) 296-7372.

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