Remember that commercial that popularized the catchphrase “There’s an app for that?” Imagine what viewers would say if they saw it today.  “Duh,” one might say.  “There’s more like 20 apps for that,” another might quip.  Not only are there innumerable apps for all things shopping-, money-, and real estate-related, virtually everyone who is in a position to buy or sell a home also totes a smart phone around with them, all day, every day.

These two truths create a third: home buyers don’t just like to use apps here and there – they actually rely on them to conduct their daily lives. Get this: behavioral scientists have actually recognized the existence of a new psychological condition called “nomophobia,” the emotional panic and depression –the feeling…

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Daily Real Estate News | Tuesday, October 23, 2012  

The latest mortgage fraud scam known as “flopping” has sellers who actually make their home look undesirable so that they can attract low offers from buyers. 

Here’s how it works: The seller is underwater on their mortgage and wants to get the lender to agree to a short sale. The seller, working with an accomplice, seeks to get a super low price to sell their home in the short sale by making bogus damage claims. Once they get the bank to agree to a short sale, the home is sold to an accomplice who then quickly cleans up the home and resells it for a profit. 

“Floppers,” as they’re known, average a…

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Free Free FREE Event….

1)  Free on-line home value analysis

2)  Free Home Staging consultation: The Cascade Team provides all our sellers with a FREE home staging consultation with a professional stager so you can make that all important first impression to any would be home buyers viewing your home.

3)  Free in-home competitive market analysis. Sit down and talk with an agent and understand the comps, your current local market conditions and what banks are looking at when they evaluate your home.

4)  Search Homes Right Now: Use the search tool to browse the wide variety of single-family homes, condominiums, and all real estate for sale in your local Seattle or San Diego market.

5)  Free Use the Mortgage Calculator to figure out what your…

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Derogatory credit and the time that needs to elapse since an event such as bankruptcy, short sale or foreclosure to complete new financing has been a common question.  In summary FNMA/FHLMC, FHA, VA & USDA's guidelines are listed below.



A   two year waiting period is required since the date of discharge of   Bankruptcy.


NOTE:  Must use sale date shown on   Trustee’s Deed for mortgages included in bankruptcy and a 3 yr waiting period   from this date will apply. If FHA Mortgage foreclosure, date FHA paid the   claim is required. Call HUD to verify when that was to move forward.


A two year waiting period is required   from discharge date.


If the bankruptcy was discharged within   the last…

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When the dead start to walk you'd better start building

 by N.A. | BRUSSELS 


THE streets are full of lurching, brain-hungry zombies and humanity faces extinction. Should you run for your life or stand your ground? Luckily, bespectacled men and woman who stare at blueprints have already started thinking about it. Architects are designing zombie-proof housing for Zombie Safe House, a design competition, now in its third year. It was originally devised by a trio of designers at Architects Southwest, an architectural firm in Louisiana, as an informal platform for colleagues to showcase their creative talents in a “pragmatically unconstrained format”, says co-founder Shea Trahan. It now attracts hundreds of students, practicing architects,…

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By Melissa Knowles | Trending Now –

The world may end at the end of this year, or at least that is what a number of people are fearing because of the ancient Mayan calendar that does not go beyond December 21, 2012. Some people even fear that the end of the world could come in the form of a zombie apocalypse. If you're a doomsdayer or know someone who is, a California-based company has a new solution for you.

[Related: Mayas prophesized, but not end of world]

Atlas Survival Shelters, whose slogan is "Better prepared than scared," offers survival chambers made out of 32x10-foot metal tubes. The chambers are designed to be installed 20 feet underground, far away from the possible crumbling of the world above. The survival chambers would be…

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We are very happy to welcome to The Cascade Team Laurie Tarantola, Laurie is a referral from Stan Chang and comes to us from Keller Williams. She has over 20 years of experience in buying and selling real estate. For the past few years, Laurie has focused on investment properties, but will now be including her personal love of horses and also focus on equestrian properties.

Laurie's contact information is:

  • Cell Phone 425-246-8633
  • Fax 425-996-9520
  • Email
  • Website

Certified Investment Analyst (CIA). Buying and selling Real Estate in King County for 20 years I know how to help you!


Turnkey Properties, Inc.

January 1990– Present(22 years 10 months)

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Bank/lenders created the Short Sale process as an alternative to foreclosure and or bankruptcy. Your bank/lender will generally collect more of what is owed to them by doing a Short Sale instead of a foreclosure and or bankruptcy. Bank/lenders spend a great deal of time and money with attorneys to complete the foreclosure and or bankruptcy process.

A short sale is typically executed to prevent a home from going to the foreclosure auction, but the decision to proceed with a short sale is predicated on the most economic way for the bank to recover the amount owed on the property. Often a bank will allow a short sale if they believe it will result in a smaller financial loss than foreclosing, as there are carrying costs associated with a foreclosure. A…

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October 17, 2012

Last week in review (October 8 - 12, 2012)

Last week, several reports brought some surprising good news to the markets. Read on for details and what they mean for home loan rates.

Table source: Mortgage Success Source

There was good news on the labor front as last week’s Initial Jobless Claims fell to 339,000, the lowest level in four years.  This news came on the heels of a surprising drop in the unemployment rate to 7.8% in September. This is encouraging news and could ease fears of slowing growth.

Also encouraging was the news from RealtyTrac that foreclosure activity declined to a five-year low in September, falling 7% from August and 16% from the same period last year. Housing has already improved substantially in certain…

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