Welcome To The Cascade Team Byron Henderson!

Byron Henderson

  • Office:  800-509-6905 ext. 1175
  • Cell:  253-486-9990
  • Fax: 425-996-9520
  • byron@thecascadeteam.com

We are happy to welcome Byron Henderson to The Cascade Team!  He and his wife, Tess, are now working as a real estate team out of our main Issaquah Office. 

Byron has over 25 years of sales and management experience. He is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys bow-hunting, hiking, fishing and spending time with his family.  

Byron will be a wonderful addition to The Cascade Team and we look forward to their success!


Cascade Team Real Estate agents are proactive in serving their customers, studying the market and touring homes, so they can…

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There’s no shortage of advice online about the best time to list, and it all goes something like this: The majority of home sales occur when the weather heats up, and homes sold during this time of year tend to attract high prices. Conventional wisdom tells us it’s best to list early in the year. That way, you’re sure to benefit from the June peak in sales, and the premium pricing during the summer months as well. List too late, we’re warned, and you could miss this warm weather bump.

At first blush, this conventional wisdom seems particularly wise. After all, there’s one thing that all homeowners looking to sell have in common — they want to do so as quickly as possible, and for as much money as possible. Listing early, in theory, means more…

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 In today's market there is plenty of chatter about how strong the market it, how little inventory is and how hard it is for buyer's to find a home. It would make one think that putting sign out in the their front yard would be all they needed to do. This isn't the case at all though many potential sellers are being pulled by online advertising that speaks to how easy and simple it is. Let's be clear, it's not that easy and not that simple.

Others are being pulled by agents representing full price brokerages through promises of services we either offer at no additional cost or that they say 'they are paying for' but in reality the client is paying for that added service in the…

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Welcome To The Cascade Team Robert Herr!

Robert Herr

  • Office:  509-228-3088 ext. 1174
  • Fax; 509-228-3088
  • Cell: 509-960-0772
  • robert@thecascadeteam.com

We are happy to welcome Robert Herr to The Cascade Team!  He will be working out of our Spokane Office with James Faucett, Managing Broker.

I decided to join The Cascade Team because of the advanced technology and marketing systems they employ that benefit their clients and agents. I received my real estate license in 1991 shortly after graduating from college. I sold rental and residential real estate for a national brokerage in St. Paul, MN. My family and I moved to WA in 2016, got my license and began working for The Cascade Team in 2017.

Robert will be a wonderful addition…

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Welcome To The Cascade Team Jason McClendon!

Jason McClendon

  • Office:  800-509-6905 ext. 1171
  • Cell:  808-282-2264
  • Fax:  425-996-9520
  • jmcclendon@thecascadeteam.com

We are happy to welcome Jason McClendon to The Cascade Team Real Estate!  He will be joining our North Bend Office with Tonya Eliason, Managing Broker.

I decided to join the Cascade Team family because of its reputation and contributions to the Snoqualmie Valley community. Additionally, after meeting with Tonya I felt there was considerable alignment with the company’s value and my passion for delivering an exceptional home buying and selling experience.

I currently work in marketing and have a significant background in sales, consumer insights, and customer…

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While most brokerages will try to sell you what you need to succeed, we believe in providing our agents with these tools. We offer leads, mentoring, Certified Transaction Coordinators, monthly training sessions, 24/7 Managing Broker access, complete marketing support and much more--all for a 1% listing fee!

Not only will we save YOU thousands, we will make YOU thousands! Plus, with The Cascade Team you never walk into any transaction alone. You always have a Team behind you!

Contact Us HERE

Enjoy FREE access to the following incredible marketing resources:

  • Fully Interactive Property Website branded solely to Your Home
  • International Exposure of Your Home to real estate websites in 55 Countries, in 22 Languages
  • Your Home…

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Do your research, choose your listing price, and watch the buyers line up.

Unlike the cost of a gallon of milk or a flat-screen television, a home’s price can be hard to pin down. It’s complicated because each home is unique, and has its own story to tell.

When it comes to setting the price of a house, the only thing to do is to look at the recent sales and active listings of similar homes in your area. Combine this research with the inside market knowledge of a local real estate agent, and you can confidently choose your list price.

Here are some guidelines to keep in mind when determining how much to ask for your house.

Make sure to look at recent comps

Markets change fast, so it’s best to find comparable sales within the past…

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Welcome To The Cascade Team Vitaliy Tanchin!

Vitaliy Tanchin

  • Office: 509-228-3088 ext. 1172
  • Cell:  509-842-6708
  • Fax: 509-228-3088 
  • vitaliy@thecascadeteam.com

We are very happy to welcome Vitaliy Tanchin to The Cascade Team Real Estate. Vitlaiy will be joining our Spokane Office working with James Faucett, Managing Broker.

I am looking forward to working as an agent for the Cascade Team Real Estate.  My experience as an Accountant in addition to my desire to help others and provide great customer service enables me to be an exceptional agent.

Vitaliy will be a wonderful addition to our Team and we look forward to his success!


Cascade Team Real Estate agents are proactive in serving…

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Welcome Connor Hutyler, Marketing Assistant To The Cascade Team!

Connor Hutyler

  • Office: 425-313-4752
  • Fax: 425-996-9517
  • connor@thecascadeteam.com

We are happy to welcome Connor Hutyler to The Cascade Team!  He will be working as Marketing Assistant. 

I recently joined The Cascade Team after spending the last few years working in social media for a small marketing agency in Seattle as well as with Major League Baseball Advanced Media during baseball season. I was born and raised in beautiful West Seattle and have recently moved back there with my girlfriend. In my spare time I love to cook, watch my favorite Seattle sports teams, golf and explore all of the gorgeous scenery that this area has to offer. I am excited to join The…

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The Cascade Team App ~ Real Estate on Your Time

Drawing Your Own Search Area

Relying On Search Algorithms

Long gone are the days of relying on your real estate agent to set up a customized search for you based on the area you are looking to purchase your future home. With The Cascade Team's new app, you can not only set up your own searches and alerts, but you can draw on your mobile phone's screen, tracing a perimeter on the search area you want! How much easier could house hunting get?!

Remove Homes & Communities

Receiving Unwanted Home Leads

Already know the area or community you are hoping to buy a home in? Be in…

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