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With very little inventory in the market right now, why bother thinking about what the seller would need to do to make sure they are attracting buyers. 




With Spring just around the corner, more homes will be coming on the market, and you want your house to stand out. The very first thing a buyer sees is the overall CURB APPEAL. "These two words that matter more than any others when you're listing a home," says Apartment Therapy.


It's very important to make sure that a buyer walks up and into your house and instantly gets a great impression. A buyer's first impression sets a huge tone for the buyer's overall experience. 


In a blog that I wrote last June, I expressed the importance of Curb Appeal (How beneficial is it to a seller to have beautiful curb appeal?), stating that according to 


In a recent poll of top HomeLight agents from all over the country, 76% said that Improving curb appeal was the best thing homeowners could do to boost a home's marketability, and another 95% of agents confirmed that putting effort into cleaning and polishing the exterior can bring more attention and a higher value to that home.


Fortune Builders adds to this with, 


Curb appeal sets expectations. Prospective buyers are more inclined to look inside if they like what they see on the outside. First impressions make a difference when it comes to selling a home.



Apartment Therapy elaborates on this thought process with "The 6 Accessories You Should Never Buy for Your Yard, According to Real Estate Pros" I feel like this article really supports the importance of curb appeal. With previous blogs that I've written, I focused on what to do, lets now talk about what NOT to do.


It's the first thing buyers see when they drive by, and it's what catches the eye of online listing dreamers. It can be so simple to get right and easy to get wrong. It's an area where less is almost always more.


Now I know it's January, but life is busy, and like many, people like to wait till late January or even Feb to take down their Christmas Decor. Now that is entirely your choice, whether selling or not selling. But, In Apartment Therapy, Jonathan Schmitt, who is a Realtor with Keller Willams Realty, states,  "An absolute no-no is holiday decor!"


Others like Justin Havre & Associates Rel Estate advises on things like flamingos, gnomes, and all their friends, stating, 


"Flashy wreaths, pink flamingos, and lawn gnomes — anything bold and inconsistent with the surrounding houses is typically a no-go."




Here is a shocker, would you think too many plants can be a turn-off to buyers? When I think of gardening,  I think about all the perks that come with it. They add beauty to a house, and it looks very inviting. I know personally family and friends always compliment a home that initially presents well. It's an incredible first impression and very appealing to most people. So you would think a lot of plants would be beneficial....




One Too Many Planters can prove to be very overehelming to some buyers 


Plants are usually a plus when it comes to curb appeal, but there is such a thing as taking it too far. Remember, this is a home, not a greenhouse. Amy Owens, a Realtor with Keller Williams Realty in Montclair and Glen Ridge, New Jersey, says, "Pops of color with plants and flowers are great. Flank your front door with planters. But keep it to a maximum of two doorway planters so as not to overwhelm."  


Another big impact is paint choices, I am a firm believer that clients should focus on neutral colors so to attract more buyers. Jordan Scarpino, a real estate broker and owner of West Coast Real Estate Hub, also likes to steer his clients towards neutral colors. In fact, he states, 


"The biggest curb appeal culprits are bright unusual colors, like pink, yellow, and red. When choosing the right color for your home, consider a color which fits with the rest of the homes in your neighborhood. Also, avoid bright and offensive colors that might be irritating to some people." 

There you have it, some specific do's and don't that can benefit you when selling your home. If selling your home is something that you are really planning on considering, there is no better time than now! With such low inventory, you can really benefit from short times on the market and high sale-to-list ratios. I will market and sell your home and help with some great agent tips on curb appeal along the way!

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