Land purchases can be (very) tricky, so it is important to know what to look for. My clients knew they wanted to create their own story, which included an A-frame on acreage, with an abundance of trees & natural landscape. I connected them with one of my favorite builders and a bonus was that this land already had the most important features (well, septic design and power in the street). I can't wait to see their dream come together! If you are thinking about buying your dream property and/or selling I would love to help! Give me a call 714-655-0595.


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Good afternoon prospective buyers,

I wanted to let you know that there’s a new law in Washington that requires that we have a signed agreement once we start working together, *before I even show you a home. The agreement sets forth a few things, most importantly: (1) whether we are exclusive or not, (2) how long is the agreement valid, (3) my compensation, and (4) what we do if the seller doesn’t offer to cover my full compensation. If you are thinking about buying a home this year, it is important to be "in the know". Give me a call and let's grab a beverage to discuss 714-655-0595.

Talk soon,

Hailey Miller  

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Building relationships that last a lifetime is and always has been one of my lifelong  goals. 


As we grow and life moves forward, know that I am here for you. I love hearing about your current muses, life changes and of course anything real estate related! I always find it interesting how so much our life is centered around our home with regard to job changes, growing families, planned adventures and retirement. At the end of the day, HOME is so much more than where we lay our hat, it is where we raise our family, entertain, dream, eat, play and plan for the New Year. 


Want to talk about life, current market conditions, the process of home ownership or anything else? Give me a call, I would love to catch up! 



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Just Sold

Fun fact Wednesday- "Who you choose to work with matters"! We were under contract on this listing and the buyer's lender said it was impossible to close on the home and this would also put the buyers in jeopardy of losing their earnest money. cI called my preferred lender who I have worked with forever, who is solution focused and he encouraged me have the buyers (who were not my clients) call him. In the end, he was able to get US to the finish line and it only took 7 days to close!!! If you want to talk about market conditions and working with the best of the best, give me a call 714-655-0595. I would love to share all of my favorite people over coffee, including- contractors & lender info.


Hailey Miller

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Happy Monday,

 I wanted to share some (really) exciting happenings-

  •       First and foremost, I was able to get some of our family friends signed around on this beautiful townhome in Suncadia (we are thrilled to have more neighbors that we love:)! There are some great deals to be had and this is one of them; I was able to negotiate all  the BEAUTIFUL furnishings (literally straight out of a magazine) and my clients got it for less than list price!! *Click the link to see this beautiful home and the stylish furnishings!

  • Suncadia announced that they will open the Rope Rider Golf Course at the end of the month if conditions permit. Prospector…

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Happy Monday,

After a successful marathon of looking at homes last week, my client is officially under contract on this beautiful Tehaleh home! With Spring on the way, we are starting to see more inventory each week. Interested in talking about the process? Give me a call 714-655-0595 and/or visit for more information. 


Hailey Miller


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  Good Morning, 

Are you considering purchasing a home in the near future? If so, your timing is impeccable and I would love to help with your house hunting needs. Below are a few key tips to get started when looking for homes. I know it might be feel like a marathon, but I promise to make it fun, exciting, educational and productive!

1. First, schedule an appointment with me to go over criteria for what you desire in a home, discuss budget and lender options,  explore areas of interest and proximity to work, play and people that you would like to be near in your new home. It is important to consider your home as your hub for all of the activities you like to do and not just being close to where you work. "Home is where the heart is."

2. I will…

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High Impact Real Estate Marketing & 1% MLS Listing Commissions For Today’s Home Sellers

The Cascade Team Real Estate is a company like no other because of the marketing, service and home seller savings we provide. We understand that in today’s real estate & home selling environment, we need to provide a high level of real estate service and wide spread marketing of the home for sale, utilize technology to keep our home seller clients in the communication loop and provide added value to both buyers and home sellers in the real estate transaction. The effective use of technology tools allows our local real estate agents to focus more of their time on servicing our clients and finding buyers for your home, all the while providing the most…

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