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  • Year-over-year inventory, pending sales, and closed sales all fell by double digits. Only prices rose – up 17.4% overall!
  •          We will experience strong demand and very active home sales in 2022
  •          Available inventory “Drastically low.”
  •          Smart buyers are making their best offers using pre-inspections, family support, bridge loans, leveraging 401(k) accounts, and other resources

KIRKLAND, Washington (January 6, 2022) – Severe shortages of inventory, record-low temperatures and snow restrained December housing activity around Washington state beyond expected seasonal slowdowns, according to a new report from Northwest Multiple Listing Service.

Summary statistics from the MLS show the volume of new listings added

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With very little inventory in the market right now, why bother thinking about what the seller would need to do to make sure they are attracting buyers. 




With Spring just around the corner, more homes will be coming on the market, and you want your house to stand out. The very first thing a buyer sees is the overall CURB APPEAL. "These two words that matter more than any others when you're listing a home," says Apartment Therapy.


It's very important to make sure that a buyer walks up and into your house and instantly gets a great impression. A buyer's first impression sets a huge tone for the buyer's overall experience. 


In a blog that I wrote last June, I expressed the importance of Curb Appeal (How beneficial

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When we think about buying a home, we often consider style, size and of course, location, etc. But what about the loan that you receive for your new home? How important is a mortgage rate? Money best explains just how important a mortgage rate is when buying a home. They explain that the rate on your mortgage can make a huge difference in how much home you can afford and what the size of your monthly payments will be during the life of the loan.

Money gives a great example to help consumers understand the price differences: 

If you bought a $250,000 home and made a 20% down payment — $50,000 — you would end up with a starting loan balance of $200,000. On a $200,000 home loan with a fixed rate for 30 years:

  • At 3% interest rate
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Owning a home may be your dream, but in order for the purchase to be the happy and satisfying experience it was meant to be, you need to ensure that you are financially and mentally prepared for the responsibilities that come with it.


Some people have a notion that home ownership is like renting, but with the power to have pets and paint the walls whatever color you like. However, while these privileges are available to homeowners in most municipalities, they come with the responsibilities of a mortgage, taxes and home maintenance.


 Search now for homes in the area


Questions for Prospective Homeowners


Are you ready to buy?

Owning your own home is about more than just being able to decorate any way you

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Photo taken by: Liza Alley 


Good Brewing Co. 


Great news, Good Brewing Co. has come to Monroe!!!!!


According to the Good Brewing Co. Facebook Page:


We are a Micro Brewery Producing Small Batch Premium Craft Beer. Taproom offers beer, cider, wine, pizza, salad and paninis. Family Friendly, Family Owned and Community Focused


Good Brewing Co. has two other locations in Woodinville. Location 1 is Pizza and Brewpub (Good Brewing Company BREWPUB) Location 2: Hollywood Taproom and now the 3rd location in Monore called: Monroe Restaurant 


 The newest location in Monroe is located  right off West Main Street in historical downtown Monroe. 


The address is 107 W Main St, Monroe, Wa 98272


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Full service for a 1% listing fee*

 *plus buyer’s agent commission  (4% total Commission)




Founded in 2006, The Cascade Team is a full service real estate brokerage ready to assist you in selling your home or in purchasing a new one.


Our home marketing platform combines superior technology, marketing and customer service, delivering you an optimal experience.


I am committed to serving you throughout the real estate transaction and utilize the most advanced technology available.


I make my home in Monroe and love all the things that Snohomish County has to offer. I’m dedicated to giving my friends, neighbors and the local Snohomish County community simply outrageous service. Please give me

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As we careen at warp speed from Thanksgiving, Christmas, and all of the joyous (read: stressful) festivities in between, you might be tempted to take your home off the market—or hold off on listing it—until after the new year. After all, you’re swamped with cooking, shopping, and decorating, and the last thing you need is a bunch of potential buyers traipsing through your house, right?




In fact, there are plenty of homes listed around the holidays that may command more money, especially if the inventory is limited. If you play your cards right, you may even be able to sell your home quicker than ones listed in the spring. One of the reasons is the lack of competition during the holidays. There are so many different reasons

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  • “As the weather cools, the housing market intensity heats up for each new listing,”


  • Only 3 Weeks of Housing supply remain market wide!


As the air turns cool and winter approaches, we are approaching our seasonal low in inventory. Each year, as the year closes out, potential home sellers wait until the new year to put their homes on the market. In reality, a home listed now will have higher viewership since the buyer pool has not gone down. With the pace of this market a correctly priced home offered now would probably be off the market by Thanksgiving, allowing the seller to have a quiet holiday.


Nearly half of seller’s plan to put their homes up for sale within the next six months, according to a recent®

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With Covid 19 hitting us all hard in 2020, people have been more focused on family and friends. But people have also been focused on where they spend their money.  


The Audit Connection Blog focuses on taking a look at the annual reports that Washington cities and towns recently submitted to the state to see how the COVID-19 pandemic affected their operations. They focused on how the pandemic affects sales tax collections? FIT Data Stories explains that many cities’ sales tax collections have decreased, however not all...


the decrease in total sales tax collections by the 272 cities included in our analysis. That's a $76.7 million reduction.


However, 167 of 272 cities (that's over 60%) saw an increase in their

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According to HeraldNet, Snohomish County has grown by more than 114,000 in 2020. In total, the state population grew by about 14.6%.


Across Snohomish County, Lake Stevens, Stanwood, Granite Falls and Marysville saw the biggest bumps in population, the data show.



Marysville gained more than 10,000 new residents in the decade — the most of any Snohomish County city.


The HeraldNet article touches on how city spokesperson Connie Mennie mentions that the housing prices in other areas in Washington are why people are moving into town.


“Drive until you can afford it is an old real estate phrase,” she said.

 HeraldNet also addresses other locations such as Granite Falls and Everett


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