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A few days back, I blogged about how Bothell is so close to everything. I wrote about points of interest along I-405, such as Bellevue, Kirkland, and Redmond. But what about SR-522? Like I said last time, let's face it; whenever we want to get anywhere, we often ask ourselves how far do we have to drive? So I called Bothell the "center of everything." Why? Because it is located right between SR-522 and I-405. In this blog post today, I will focus on the SR-522 points of interest and how close everything that freeway accesses is to Bothell.

First, let's start with Kenmore. Kenmore is right next door to Bothell. It's known as an up-and-coming area for local breweries and several walkable places along the Burke-Gilman trail that runs along the lake. This is also a great place for bike riders.



Kenmore has waterfront lake access and a very convenient back way to get to Seattle and avoid the floating bridges. Just take 522 up around lake Washington to drop right into North Seattle!


Going East on SR-522, let us talk Woodinville. With just a $20 Uber ride, you can get to the Woodinville wineries. An easy ride of fewer than 10 minutes!



Once in the Woodinville Hollywood district, you have access to several great wineries, all within walking distance from one another. 

Like I mentioned in the last blog, it is a lot more affordable to live in Bothell vs. any of the three locations of Redmond, Kirkland, and Bellevue. But it is also more affordable to live in Bothell vs. Kenmore and Woodinville as well. 

Here we have a graph of the median sales price in Bothell over the last few years. 




The current median sales price in Bothell is  748,800. Let's take a look at the median sales price in Woodinville. 





There is a significant difference compared to Bothell.  In Woodinville, the median is $989,000 as of June 2021. That is a $240,200 difference between the two locations of Bothell and Woodinville

Following that, you can see that Kenmore has a higher median price point than Bothell as well.



Kenmore has a median sales price of $790,000 as of June 2021. On average, That makes Kenmore $41,200 more expensive than Bothell.

As mentioned in the last blog, Bothell is not only amazing because of great access to restaurants, clubs, waterfronts, and shopping; it is also close to Evergreen Hospital. The hospital and scores of related medical offices are located in Totem Lake in Kirkland, often mere minutes from Bothell. Bothell also has a very convenient way to get to Seattle through Kenmore and easy access to the great wineries in Woodinville.

Bothell is both a great place to live and invest in, whether buying a home or buying it as a rental property. You can see the appreciation of the home values in the first graph above. Bothell is definitely a place to consider investing in.

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