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With the current state of the real estate market a little “unsettled” at the moment I have decided to branch out a little bit and join “Only Fans” to help augment my income.

I read on OnlyFans that upwards of 500 content creators have been paid more than $1 million on the site. So being in the entrepreneurial spirit, I said; “Why Not?”

Besides… I actually like fans…

Here are a few of my favorite jokes about fans…

1. Wind turbines are big fans of renewable energy.

2. We recently moved to a third-floor apartment with some ceiling fans. Now, I can certainly say that I have fans in high places.

3. My friend once loved all kinds of farm machinery. And now he's great at sucking all air out of any room. I guess he's now an ex-tractor fan.

4. I recently went to see a football match. It was freezing there. It must have been all those fans.

5. Two wind turbines were talking to each other in the field, and one said, "Do you like music?" Then the other replied, "Sure, I'm a heavy metal fan."

6. The other day, I took my friend to watch the world's biggest fan. It blew him away.

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7. I've always liked fans that stick to rules. That's why I'm such a fan of inline fans.

8. I have a desk fan at work which is starting to get annoying. He keeps taking photos off my desk.

9. I bought a fan the other day, which was a complete waste of money. Now he stands there, applauds, and compliments me by saying, "Ooh, you're so smart."

10. I am such a big fan of ceiling fans. I can't help but look up to them.

I know that talking “Only about Fans” can get a little boring, but when you really think about all the kinds of fans you can see why a site like this takes off.

Types of Fans for Every Room Type

Tower Fans

As you may deduce from its name, a tower fan is a tall and narrow fan. Its space-saving design means it is ideal to use in small rooms. It also comes with added features like built-in ionizers that help in purifying the air.

Pedestal Fans

Pedestal fans and tower fans share several similarities. These are tall stand fan types and can cool a medium-sized room. These fans are also preferred for their versatility.

Floor Fans

Sometimes, the situation calls for getting some breeze specifically around your feet – or at least, close enough to ground level. At first glance, floor fans look a lot like pedestal fans, just without the pedestal. Upon closer examination, you will notice that this also takes away any chance of installing an oscillating motor.

Table Fans / Desk Fans

Desk fans can be categorized into two types—the traditional desk fan or table fan and the air circulator. A desk fan or table fan normally has blades ranging from 6 to 12 inches in diameter. This type of fan has a standard electrical cord and three speed option. It also oscillates so it can keep a small to mid-sized room cool.

Bladeless Fans

The newest arrival to this compilation of fan models is the bladeless fan. This type exists in fairly limited brands, and it was only launched just ten years ago. Just like the name indicates, a bladeless fan is essentially a completely blade-free appliance.

Exhaust Fans

The exhaust fan or propeller fan is different from the other types of fans in this list as its primary purpose is not to circulate air but more to prevent the build-up of excessive heat.

Wall Mounted Fans

A wall-mounted fan or simply wall fan is designed for small rooms where floor space is limited. It is compact and ideal for use in small offices, party halls, auditoriums, and warehouses.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans have been around even before the introduction of electricity in households. It’s believed that this type of fan dates back to 500 B.C. in India. During those days, the ceiling fan was manually operated with the use of a cord.

Misting Fans

Misting fans are usually reserved for the outdoor parts of the house, such as the backyard or balcony.

Industrial Fans

Also called industrial blowers, an industrial fan is designed to promote the continuous flow of air. It’s not only used in the household but also for other industrial applications like drying, air cleaning, exhaust, and aeration, among others.

Hand Fans

Back in the old days, when there is no electricity or limited electricity, the only way to cool oneself in a windless space is using a hand fan. Nowadays, we rarely use them in modern homes anymore and they tend to be used for decorating purposes, dancing, or when there is a power outage.


It is easy to dismiss fans as just a way to create a quick air current. Many fan models nowadays play other important roles around the house, such as ventilating or actively cooling down the environment. Furthermore, there are many beautiful, powerful, and silent alternatives available. It all depends on what you need!


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