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If you are like many homebuyers you may be concerned that if you decide to pull the trigger and purchase that you will be paying too much and that this bubble will burst again like it did in 2007.  I am hear to tell you that although there is no crystal ball, our home values had taken such a beating that we are now just above where we were in 2006 and have plenty of room to appreciate from here.

For Example: Let's say at the height of the market your home was worth 500,000 dollars.  If your home appreciated just 5 percent (pretty standard appreciation) from 2008-2016 your home would now be worth $775,664 - See below for the breakdown

2008- $525,000

2009 - $551,250

2010 - $578,812

2011 - $607,753

2012 - $638,140

2013 - $670,047

2014 - $703,550

2015 -$738,727

2016 - $775,664

Essentially if your home had appreciated that 5 percent a year it would be worth much more than it is right now.  I know it's a challenging market out there but not impossible.  If you are looking to buy or sell and need some guidance on this market please reach out to me and I will do my best to offer you amazing service.  Also, at The Cascade Team, we offer full service for a 1 percent listing fee.  Call for details - Leanna Young - 425.829.1029 or visit my website at

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