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Today was the 1st day of classes for the "New Market Reality" course. Thank you to everyone who could attend and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone signed up for tomorrow as well!

Not that long ago, real estate agents were in the business of providing information. In fact, you can probably remember a time when all real estate professionals did—the only value we thought we had—was giving information.

What’s for sale, what’s on the market, what’s the pricing of similar homes, etc.

Back then, to protect our value, we locked away this information in a fortress called the MLS. If any person outside of the real estate business tried to reach into our fortress and grab a slice of that data, we were trained, like guardians outside the gates, to chop off that person’s arm. (okay, so not really chop it off, but you get the idea.)

But this is not how real estate is done now, and we guarantee it won’t be done like that ever again.

Today, the information itself is no longer what people come to you to receive. They now come to you to receive an analysis of that information.

And that’s a big change!

“There’s a large gap between information and actionable knowledge.”

Powerful words....

So Let’s Face A Few Realities

•The real estate business has changed forever.
•What worked in the past to make you a successful agent might not work today (or tomorrow).
•You need new skills for this New Market Reality.

What clients really want is someone who can:

• Analyze all the available information

• Connect the dots and let them know if now is a good time to buy or the right time to sell

• Take the time to explain their options—simply and effectively

As you can see, what the consumer expects of real estate professionals today is very different than what they expected of them only ten years ago. The agents who don’t evolve into what the consumer now demands will not survive. 

Clients no longer need us for information regarding which homes are for sale or what houses in their neighborhood sell for. They can easily find that information online.

Learn Before You Can Teach

•In order to teach effectively and with the heart of a teacher, it’s important to understand how today’s consumers learn.
•If you’re not using strong visuals in all your communications with clients (face-to-face meetings, emails, newsletters, etc.), then your message and advice is not being fully heard or understood. Allow us prove that to you.

The Cascade Team Real Estate is a company like no other because of the marketing, service and home seller savings we provide. We understand that in today’s real estate & home selling environment, we need to provide a high level of real estate service and wide spread marketing of the home for sale, utilize technology to keep our home seller clients in the communication loop and provide added value to both buyers and home sellers in the real estate transaction. The effective use of technology tools allows our local Seattle & San Diego real estate agents to focus more of their time on servicing our clients and finding buyers for your home, all the while providing the most comprehensive real estate marketing program available. In the end, you get the perfect combination of online real estate tools and personal service in the home selling process.

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