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My husband and I recently took a couple of days and drove up to Lake Chelan from Monroe to visit some friends at their vacation rental.

We decided to drive, the proximity from Monroe to Lake Chelan being 3 hours and 26 min. However, we made it in under 3 hours.


Some quick facts, according to Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce 


Lake Chelan and home to the communities of Chelan, Manson and Stehekin, offers four seasons of recreation, charming shopping districts, and bountiful agriculture including an emerging wine industry. 


Chelan's arid climate and lack of rainfall make it a popular year-round destination among outdoor enthusiasts. The Valley experiences over 300 days of sunshine annually and has four distinct seasons. 


Our friends' vacation rental is in Manson, no more than 13 min by car (8 miles) from the town of Chelan.



The first day, we rented a boat at shoreline watercraft and boat rental in Manson. The view from here was spectacular. Not only was the water a beautiful teal, but you get to enjoy the mountains as well.  


 Photo by Liza Alley in Manson 


While boating, I saw some beautiful properties facing the water, and I became curious about how much the property values are around Lake Chelan. Some prices varied from $200,000 for vacant land to a waterfront view of $1,975,000. For more info, check out this LINK

Besides boating, what other fun things are there to do in Chelan? According to, Postcards to Seattle, there are 17 fun things to do in Lake Chelan including a waterpark, skydiving into a winery and golfing. Another is taking a hike up Stehekin. They mention that this:

is a very popular place to go hiking, as there are dozens of different trails to go on. It’s also the entrance to the North Cascade National Park, which is one of the most scenic places to hike in Washington.


Another trendy popular thing to do in Lake Chelan is going wine tasting. The four of us went down to a great place called Karma Vineyards, on Lakeshore Rd, Chelan. It was a wonderful and delicious experience trying new wines and my favorite, champagne.



Photo by Liza Alley at the Karma Vineyards


Lake Chelan is an incredible place. Economy and Business -Lake Chelan Chamber and Commerce mentions that:


Lake Chelan is a great place to live, but it is an even better place to work. The valley has two major industries, agriculture and tourism.

 They also note, 


Our fiber rich network also allows for easy tele-communiting and our shores house current and retired fortune 500 CEO’s and employees that work from home. Just think… you can play, work and thrive in a place as beautiful as Lake Chelan. 


And of course, there are also schools, hospitals, and other health care as well. And as far as tourism goes: 


Lake Chelan is fortunate to be a major destination resort in Washington State. The valley plays host to over 2 million visitors a year. The total economic impact tourism creates in total spending is over $417 million. This industry employs over 5,000 people in our county. Tourism is Lake Chelan’s second largest industry cluster in the valley, second only to our world impacting agricultural industry. 

This is definitely a place to visit or look into living! I mentioned at the beginning of the blog that we stayed with some friends at their vacation property. This is a great place to find an income property that you can also use a couple of times a year. If you are interested in learning about available properties around Lake Chelan, please click HERE


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