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It sounds like the only question for this weekend will be are there six inches, 8 inches, or a foot of blowing snow and  frigid temperatures!  But no matter what this weekend storm brings to Puget Sound, cities around the region say they are making special plans to make sure everyone, pedestrian to drivers to firefighters, can get around safely.

Here are the published routes for snow and ice removal and plowing from the City of Sammamish!


Sammamish has a plowing priority system in place to clear our 400 miles of road. The plowing time required depends on several variables such as the snowstorm intensity, duration, wind, and the temperature. The Snow and Ice Route Map can be found here.

After the layer of deicer is applied and snow starts to fall/accumulate, snowplows are operated around-the-clock on the city's priority routes.

For any snow event, our number one goal is to keep designated priority routes in good winter driving condition. Priority routes are lifelines, major thoroughfares, and arterial roadways and streets. The City always works with emergency service providers when emergency response is necessary.

Sammamish has nine snowplows. We use a liquid deicer called CCB, it's made of calcium chloride (salt), molasses, water, and a corrosion inhibitor called "boost," which is a proprietary ingredient.

The city does not plow private roads; we have 80.6 miles of private road.

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