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According to HeraldNet, Snohomish County has grown by more than 114,000 in 2020. In total, the state population grew by about 14.6%.


Across Snohomish County, Lake Stevens, Stanwood, Granite Falls and Marysville saw the biggest bumps in population, the data show.



Marysville gained more than 10,000 new residents in the decade — the most of any Snohomish County city.


The HeraldNet article touches on how city spokesperson Connie Mennie mentions that the housing prices in other areas in Washington are why people are moving into town.


“Drive until you can afford it is an old real estate phrase,” she said.

 HeraldNet also addresses other locations such as Granite Falls and Everett


Nearby, Granite Falls saw the largest percentage change in population — a 32% increase.


Since 2010, the town has grown from 3,364 residents to 4,450.




Everett, which gained 7,610 residents, remains the county’s largest city, with a 2020 population of 110,629.


 It is clear that Snohomish County is growng more and more. But what about Monroe and Bothell?


In the article HeraldNet, they show us the New Population numbers chart. Recognize the differences in numbers and percentages in population  from 2010 to 2020



In Monroe, in 2010, notice the 10-year increase from 17,304 to 19,699 in 2020. That is a difference of almost 2,400 people—a 13.84 % increase.


Now let’s take a look at Bothell. In 2010 there were 33,505 residents, and in 2020, it grew up to 48,161. That is an increase of 43.74% in the population. That’s huge!!!! Keep in mind, the Bothell population in this chart also includes the King County portion as well. 


Also, the screenshots that I have shown here capture other locations in the Snohomish County, such as Snohomish, Stanwood, Brier, Sultan, Edmonds, Lynnwood and Lake Stevens. If you want to look at other stats in Snohomish County, from 2010 to 2020, HERE is the article.



It is clear that Snohomish County continues to grow, as I’ve written about many times before. These numbers are just up until 2020. I often ask myself two things... how much more has it grown in the nearly two years since 2020, and how much MORE will it grow in the future? I feel strongly that with how the urban housing prices have been going up and people continuing to battle to get into a house in the cities, there will be a sustained drive to move further out for more affordability. Plus, the pandemic affording many people to work at home has permitted this migration to the suburbs. We see signs from many tech companies that remote work will (at least in part) will be here to stay.  By not having to drive into the city as often, residents have more freedom to buy more house, more land and enjoy the space that municipalities farther out in the county offer. Now certainly could be the right time to get into a spacious home in Snohomish County, where your dollar goes farther, and there is less competition.


If Snohomish County is a place you would ever consider living, please Contact Me and/ or find current active properties HERE in Monroe 

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