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Snohomish County, is on the rise!

In the middle of May of 2021 I blogged about Snohomish County - Washington's Rural Communities in that blog I mention that many people have been moving to Washington’s rural communities. I mention how King 5 news address' that "people are packing up and buying homes outside of Seattle... Snohomish saw an increase of over 10% in sale prices, with an average of seven days on the market...Being able to work remotely has been a huge factor in people being able to afford homes out in Monroe, and Snohomish and Woodinville".  

At the very end of my blog, I make a point to say that I predict that things are only going to get better for Snohomish County. And they did, at one point, the thought of moving a little further out was laughable to a lot of people. But with the freedom to work from home, has allowed people to see the silver lining during the pandemic. In return, by moving further out, a lot of people have been able to gain that freedom and privacy yet still be close enough to some of the bigger cites that they are attracted to.  

As the months continue, we are seeing homes appreciating in several places in Snohomish.  Monroe specifically is no exception. With the big town small city feel Monroe, is truly a place you should consider living. Year after year the community is growing from new restaurants, events and new developments being built. These ongoing growth spurts has allowed home values to increase more than ever. To be exact: In December 2021, the average appreciation for Monroe homes was 25.1%. March update was average appreciation of 26.6%. That is a 1.5% increase within the past 3 months. And now in April we are looking at 30.1%. As you can see, the number is consistently going up. Monroe is already at a 5% increase since December 2021. 

In another previous blog I wrote in August 2021 Monroe, A Growing Community King 5 news mentions the five things you may not know about Monroe: 

  1. You can get locally roasted coffee from Original Pilot House Coffee and even have it delivered to your business with a side-by-side. It's now legal to ride ATVs on the streets of Monroe. The city passed a new law in 2018 as part of a statewide effort to boost tourism in rural areas. The coffee shop also offers free homemade cookies every Thursday.
  2. You can find the most diverse collection of reptiles in the Pacific Northwest at The Reptile Zoo, including an albino alligator and a two-headed turtle.
  3. Monroe has a strong employment base. The city employs 7,500 people. About a quarter of the workforce leaves the city to work south of Everett.
  4. Despite some businesses being forced to close during the pandemic, Monroe has seen new businesses opening up, including a new custom furniture maker, a nano-brewery called Bugu Brewing Company and Lewis and Main, a new restaurant with gourmet dining.
  5. The city is popular among residents and visitors because of its outdoor activities. People are drawn to the city for the hiking and the Snohomish River. Monroe is also the jumping off place for travelers heading over Highway 2 to Stevens Pass and Leavenworth.


Real estate growth spurt in Snohomish County  

One of the key points that has attracted people to go further out is affordability. A lot of people don’t know until they start to shop around for homes is that you can get a lot more house and land for your money. But be careful, these small cities are starting to appreciate more and more each year. Here is the latest appreciation in in homes that I pulled from my blog I wrote in April 2022; Cities in Snohomish County market update

  • Duvall can be recognized to have several Running Trails in this charming city and is located on SR 203 halfway between Monroe and Carnation. Duvall has shown a lot of promise in expansion. One of them being The Ridge at Big Rock. The Ridge at Big Rock is known to be "a breath of fresh air in Duvall" and is "inspired by the natural beauty of the area" The Ridge at Big Rock has several beautiful new construction homes that range between $992,495 - $1,474,995. New construction like this as well as other new homes has been bringing more people into Duvall city. And in return has brought up home appreciate in Duvall. As of April 2022, the average appreciation for Duvall homes is 20.8%
  • As of April 2022, the average appreciation for Sultan homes is 24.2%   

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Snohomish County Continues to Grow!


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