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Leveraging The Latest In Real Estate Marketing Technology

A solid real estate marketing plan is very important. It takes more than a MLS listing, sign, some paper flyers, and an open house to sell your home in today’s market. Make sure your real estate agent has real leading edge housing market intelligence. Our leading edge marketing plan is designed to sell your house as quickly as possible.

Likability is a powerful force to get prospects and your peers to trust you more. Deceit isn’t behind the following tricks to make you more likable, recently featured at, but a few traits to keep in mind that can unconsciously influence others to see you in a new light. Here are a few:

1. Use silence to your advantage.

When you ask someone a question and they’re slow to respond, don’t feel pressure to move the conversation forward. Remaining silent plays to your advantage. Moments of silence make people feel as though they should speak, especially when the ball is in their court. Silence can be a golden tool in negotiations and when in difficult conversations such as setting a realistic listing price or in deciding between multiple offers.

2. Open hands and open palms opens hearts.

An open-palm gesture – rather than pointing -- conveys trust and can even make others find you more friendly and likable.

The Savings are strong with you!

3. Nod your head during a conversation.

Nodding your head during a conversation or when asking a question makes the other person more likely to agree with what you’re saying. People unconsciously mirror others’ body language around them so when you nod, you convey what you’re saying is true and desirable – others will be more inclined to agree. This is a great tip when explaining the technology and differences we offer during the listing presentation.

4. Notice other people’s feet.

If [the person’s] feet are aimed at you, he’s interested and listening to what you’re saying, but if his feet point away from you, he’s most likely disinterested and mentally checked out. This can be a very good signal to continue with your path of conversation, or to make a switch to reengage. 

5. When groups laugh, notice who makes eye contact with whom. When a group of people laugh, each member of the group won’t be able to help but make eye contact with the person whom they feel closest to. This trick can … tell you which members of your team are bonding and learning to trust one another. Of course, you’ll learn a lot about how you feel about other people just by paying attention to whom you make eye contact with.

6. Show some excitement.

Again, people tend to mirror the behavior of those around them. If you show excitement when you see someone, they naturally mirror that excitement back at you. It’s an easy way to make a strong first impression and to get people to like you.

Reduced Listing Commissions

Full Service Marketing & The Latest Innovative Technology for a 1% Listing Fee

(*Listing commission is different in Arizona, so please contact us for more information)

Simply Outrageous Service!
The Cascade Team Agents are Full Service. We are a real estate company like no other, because of the tools, service and savings we provide our clients with. We understand that in today’s fast paced environment, we need to provide a high level of service, utilize technology to keep our clients up to date at all times and provide added value to both buyers and sellers in the transaction. By leveraging these technological tools, it allows our agents to focus more of their time to servicing our clients, and also provide the most comprehensive marketing program available. In the end, you get the perfect combination of online tools and personal service when selling your home.

The Cascade Team’s Agents are with you every step of the way. We help educate you about the market and trends to set the proper price for your home. Our advanced marketing strategies make sure that your property gets maximum exposure. Our Agents are there through the offer negotiations, inspection response and negotiations, and all the way through a successful close.

If your real estate agent isn't offering you all the tools mentioned above, don't hesitate to give us a call. We'll implement our cutting edge real estate marketing plan to sell your house fast! Fill out the form below and one of our local real estate brokers will contact you with more information.

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