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Welcome to Terror At Trossachs 2017! 

After 7 years of living in Trossachs and putting on our yearly Terror At Trossachs presentation our kids are now both seniors in High School and about to head out for collage and the next great adventure in their lives. So while we’ll still hand out treats every year, 2017 will be the last production full of animatronics, live actors, and more scares than you can shake a stick at for the trick-or-treaters who venture through the Trossachs neighborhood of Sammamish.

For those kids who make it to the front door we promise FULL Sized candy bars AND plenty of scares along the path! It’s been a lot of fun watching the kids come back year after year; and chatting with those who chickened out a year before, but returned with more courage than ever the following year and made it through. We’ll have some brand new scares in store for our last year… So please join us for Terror At Trossachs 2017 and we’ll go out with a great Halloween scream and a howl! 

Terror At Trossachs Story and Video Walk Through Below!

 Sample Video for 2017:

Nestled deep in the Cascade foothills, hidden far from passing eyes by tall pine and towering rock laid the old cemetery. It was here that the worst of the Pacific Northwest lay buried. They were the robbers, murderers, and worse that no church would allow to be set to rest on their sacred soil. Old stones covered in moss marked their graves, the black as night crows gathered around the clearing that was their cemetery and sat silent on the branches, watching the graves with their glassy yellow eyes.

Then came progress. Roads and highways were built into the mountains, and soon little towns, businesses and residential communities took hold. And somewhere along the way, as quaint and charming house after house were built and occupied, as the trees and forest were cut down to make room for parks, trails and business, from under the crawl of the heavy machinery that chased the night crows from their perch, the cemetery was lost.

Only the perfect homes with their perfectly manicured yards and all of those friendly neighbors remained. No one knew of the old cemetery that once existed, or of the tombstones buried under their grassy lawns. No one thought about who “Or What” might be buried under his or her rose bushes.

Simply put: the tortured souls of long ago laid to rest in this and now long forgotten cemetery are not pleased with what has transpired above ground. Legend has it, that on one night every year those old tombstones raise up from the cold black ground in the perfectly manicured yards give way to jagged tombstones covered with moss and age. Those old crows come back and land in the few remaining trees and on all of those new housetops. Then, on Halloween night, as the tombstones glisten in the moonlight, the restless spirits of the long dead crawl from their graves looking for those who would dare to make their homes on their final resting place.

If you are brave or foolish enough, come to 1014 270th Pl SE in Sammamish, WA on October the 31st “Halloween Night!”. Take a guided tour and venture between the homes in search of “The Haunted Graveyard”. If you do dare, frights are assured, as well as the potential for fantastic rewards………

2016 "Found Footage Video" Terror At Trossachs:

 And by rewards we mean... Full Size Custom Wrapped Halloween Candy Bars!




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