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We are very happy to welcome Matt Jaren to www.TheCascadeTeam Real Estate. Matt comes to us from Realty Executives Evergreen. Matt has a diversified background which gives him a unique blend to bring to his Real Estate business. Please take a moment to read Matt's Bio and feel free to reach out and say "Hello"

Welcome to the Team Matt Jaren!

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Matt Jaren

    I am an Air Force Veteran, and performed work in Disaster Control with the 35th Air Division of the First Air Force.  My academic work is extensive, and I have remained enthusiastic about learning and participation in discourse areas of philosophy, history and law.   I am a published author, and have presented several papers in Europe, primarily in England and Scotland.  This continues to be a source of friendship and camaraderie to me, and I participate annually with events and writing in areas of legal scholarship.  My most writing materials are in areas of civil liberties and American transcendental philosophy.  I have a fifteen year long relationship with Oxford University in England, where I continue to study law and previously studied computer science.  Most recently this includes a reader’s status at All Souls College, Codrington Library.  

    I have enjoyed a dual path career in law, business and public/ academic  administration, as well as an academic career in university teaching and management.   My work includes management and supervision and training in arbitration and mediation for the American Arbitration Association, and five years with the City of Seattle Executive Department , -  planning and designing public policy and legislation materials for class A cities.  I also represented the City of Seattle in Olympia during legislative proceedings. In King County I have contributed as a volunteer member of the Seattle King Country Youth Studies Advisory Committee, and also as a member of the planning group for the Seattle King Country Pre Trial Diversion Task Force.  Further I served on the Governor’s Productivity Council examining measures to improve government services.

    In University teaching and administration I served 10 years as a budget officer at the University of Minnesota, and completed a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, as well as 95% of a Masters Degree in Business Administration, which was transferred into a cornerstone of my Ph D program.  That program included 8 years in doctoral work engaged in research and teaching. While at Minnesota I designed one of the first digital high schools, and worked briefly with Al Gore on positioning the high school in a Cray  Army Supercomputer .  I also designed a joint program with the Ukrainian Academy of Science in Kiev to facilitate shared classes exchanged on satellites and processed through machine language translators. My doctoral dissertation examines aspects and issues of legal theory construction. In law I earned my Juris Doctor degree at Rutgers University, and a Legal Masters Degree in Trial Advocacy at Temple University in Philadelphia. I was fortunate to transform this work into a Deanship in Los Angeles and also taught legal analysis and community property.  I do not currently practice law in Washington State, but have a strong interest in Estate Planning.

     I enjoy archaeology as a hobby, and have been working in Britain and France for two decades in areas of  Roman and Viking communities. This has included visits to many sites and several trips to Rennes La Chateau and the region in search of  new aspects in the “Holy Grail “ controversy, as well as new evidence regarding the final years in the life of Mary Magdalene. Earlier work includes studies of Merlin and the Court of King Arthur, and stone circles and megaliths, including an extensive examination of the work of Thomas Lethbridge, former Curator of Antiquities at Cambridge University.

I am from Seattle, and attended Mt. Rainier High School in Des Moines.  Residential and Commercial Real Estate are fundamental cornerstones of the American economy, and I take this work very seriously with great interest.


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