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 How Much is My Home Worth?




Bidding Wars and multiple offers have been the story of 2022 so far. In fact, we're setting new records for prices and amounts OVER asking almost daily!

  •          At month end inventory reached a meager 3,092 active listings, down more than 30% from a year ago.
  •          King County had the steepest drop in active listings, shrinking nearly 59% from a year ago.
  •          The market remains virtually sold out.
  •          The imminent rise in interest rates has buyers scrambling to find properties to buy.
  •          No relief in sight by way of increased inventory to meet demand.


To take advantage, pricing your home correctly is more important than ever!

Our 18-Point Analysis will bring you the most accurate assessment possible when it comes to your home's Real Estate value. Click here to learn more! We factor in sold homes, active, pending, pending inspection, builder, size, beds, baths, school, year built, upgrades, lot size, assessments, condition, view, curb appeal, title issues and easements.

On average, serious home buyers look at about fifteen properties before they make an offer. Doing so gives them a basis for determining how competitively a property is priced, both in terms of the market generally and what they are looking for specifically.

If you overprice your property, you'll usually lose serious home buyers even if they otherwise love it. Experience shows that home buyers usually do not make what they consider to be realistic offers on overpriced properties because they assume that doing so will just be a waste of time.  The overlap between home buyer and seller price ranges is depicted below. It will be helpful to keep this diagram in mind when pricing your property.



How you price your home will directly impact upon how many home buyers, showings and offers you attract, and ultimately to how easily it sells. At the pyramid's center is the fair market value at which a reasonable percentage of home buyers would view and purchase your home. When you under price your home you'll attract a greater percentage of home buyers, and when you overprice it you'll attract a lesser percentage of home buyers


The 8 Seattle Area Suburbs With the Biggest Home Price Increases in 2022 So Far! (# 1 is going to blow your mind!)



# 1 is going to blow your mind!

SEE: The Importance of a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) In Selling Your Home

The Bottom Line: With Real Estate, REALISTIC IS STRATEGIC!


Your Home's Optimum Time-On-Market

General definitions of market value usually say that it is the price a home should sell for when it has been on the market for anywhere from three weeks to two months. In this market however we are talking 3-5 days!

However, if you want top dollar for your home, experience shows that you should try to get and accept a solid offer sometime during the first 10-14 days on the market. It is during this peak "window" that your home will enjoy maximum market exposure and home buyer interest.

Beyond three weeks your home will increasingly be viewed as a "stale" listing -- i.e. as a commodity with a history of being rejected by other home buyers. Consequently, there will be less interest, less showings, less offers and less likelihood that you'll get your asking price.

This is why it is crucial that your home be priced correctly during the three-week window.

You can learn more about The Cascade Team and our marketing HERE

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With The Cascade Team Real Estate, you get Property Website, Photography, 3D Walkthrough Showcase, Worldwide Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Retargeting Ad Campaign, Showing Feedback, Offer Review Countdown, Text Message Marketing, Weekly Performance Report, Permanent Smart Flyer, Open House, free staging consultation 

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The Ultimate Real Estate Selling Experience 


When you’re ready to list your home, your Real Estate Agent will work with our coordinator team to secure any needed home renovations. Payment is deferred until home closing, or 180 days and escrow will deduct costs from net proceeds to pay for services rendered.

Preparing your home for sale is essential to capturing the highest offer, fastest. Simple steps like fresh paint before an open house can increase offer amounts by 10% vs. homes with no work done. And with prices averaging over $1,000,000 we’re talking some serious return on investment!


Monroe Continues to Grow!

Photo taken by Liza Alley 

Newest development heading towards Sultan, is Wild Sky Estates in Monroe

Snohomish County saw an increase of over 10% in sale prices, with an average of seven days on the market, and that trend continues. At the end of my blog, I also stated that I predict that Washington's rural areas will start growing even more, and people will see more of the benefits that come with moving out a little further. It looks like I was right. I added more to this back in August 2021 when I blogged, "Monroe, A Growing Community"  and mentioned some quick facts about Monroe's history and Monroe's nearby attractions like Woods Creek and the new Skykomish River Centennial Park. Overall, Monroe has to offer many different charming qualities, and you should consider buying a home in Monroe.

I quoted Herald Net, when they mentioned what Connie Mennie, a city spokesperson, said back in 2020 "Drive until you can afford it is an old real estate phrase,"

With great attractions like access to Woods Creek, the Skykomish River Centennial Park, wonderful parks like Lake Tye in Monroe, Lord Hill Park (only 15 min away from Main St. Monroe), Monroe is an outdoors person's dream. They also have activities from disc golf to taking someone to the Lagacy farm and meeting some animals! 

Monroe is ideally located and reasonably close to many hikes like Wallace Falls (only 24 min away). Or stay local and head to Al Borlin Park, which has great reviews, or Frylands Park, which allows you to walk the trail around the lake.

Some of Washington's favorite vacation places are much closer as well. Places like Lake Chelan, an hour closer than starting from Seattle and Leavenworth, just over 1.5 hours from Monroe

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