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If you are a big wine connoisseur or just saving a few bottles to crack open on special occasions, it’s important to understand how best to store them safely until you’re ready to partake. Follow the guidelines below!

Ambient Temperature

To ensure each wine bottle maintains the proper flavor and aroma, storing it at the correct temperature is essential. Regardless if it is red, white, or sparkling, storing your bottles at 53°F to 57°F is most ideal. Keeping your bottles in a room where the temperature is much warmer than that may cause the flavor to become flat. Keep your wine in the dark and away from direct UV rays as much as you can to protect the wine’s flavor. If you have a basement with storage closet, that is an idea place to store wine.  While you may not be able to achieve the ideal storage temperature.  Consistent temps and not moving the wine bottles will aid in nature maturation of the wine.

Moisture Levels

Controlling the humidity in the room is important if you plan to store bottles for more than a couple of years. The ideal humidity for storage is between 50 to 75 percent;  anything below that could cause the corks to dry out, letting air seep into the bottle and causing the wine to spoil.

Bottle Positioning

Generally, it is advised to store wine bottles on their sides. This allows the wine to stay up against the cork which should aid in keeping it from drying out. However, if you don’t plan to store the wine for long or if the bottle has a screw top or plastic cork, this is not required for safe storage.

How Long To Lay It Down

Not all wine is designed to have a long shelf life or be aged. Make sure you know what the winemaker’s intention was for that particular bottle and consider using wine tags to note the optimal drinking period. It is always better to open it a little early and enjoy it!


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