How to Change Drip Campaign Timing or Subject Lines

Drip campaigns are sent by a method called Delay-by-Day

  • Delay-by-Day sends messages based on the number of days that have passed since a drip campaign was applied to a lead. Example: Drip was applied to a lead on Wednesday. Send an email day 2 (Friday), send an email day 4 (Sunday), etc.)


Open The Drip Campaign You Want to Modify

  1. Click on Leads
  2. Click on Campaigns
  3. Click Edit on the campaign you want to modify

Edit the Subject Line or Day

  1. Change the number of days after drip campaign is applied. In this example below, the lead will receive an email 1 day after the drip campaign is applied to them. Then a second email 8 days after the campaign was appliead to the lead.
  2. Change the subject line
  3. Click Save Changes

These changes affect the drip campaign for everyone that receives it going forward.

 You Are Finished!