How To Create A New Page On Your Website

Adding a new page to your broker website is easy and just takes a moment or two.


Open The CMS

  1. Log in to the backend
  2. Click the CMS tab on your main dashboard

Open Page Manager

  1. Drag your cursor over "Manage Pages" to open the dropdown menu
  2. Click "Add New Page"

CMS Page Information & Content

  1. Select depending on if your page will be a main page or a sub-page of a different page.
  2. Title your page (This field is for the page title as it will appear in the title bar at the top of the browser)
  3. Provide a Filename or Alias (This field is for the file name as it will appear in the address bar. Example: The pictured page would show up as
  4. Provide your link name. Ideally, this should be a very brief & accurate description of the page
  5. Add the content of your page.
  6. Add keywords related to the content of your page (Enter them separated by commas)
  7. The Description field is for the meta description as it will be displayed in the site's header and in the search engine results pages.

Create Your New Page

  1. Once you have finished creating your page's content and all necessary fields have been filled out, click "Create Page" to add it to the site.

 You Are Finished!