How To Use Action Plans

Action Plans are pre-built task lists to help you stay on top of the details and make contact with leads at precisely the right time. Action Plans have have reminders to call, text, email or take other actions at specified times to help you convert a lead into an active buyer or seller.


Assigning An Action Plan To A Lead

  1. Add checkmark to lead you want to assign and Action Plan to
  2. Click the Action Plan button
  3. Select the desired Action Plan
  4. Click on the lead's name to open the lead

Find The Action Plan Tasks For A Lead

  1. Click Tasks

See The Action Plan Tasks

Here is the list of pending Action Plan tasks and when they are due.


See Instructions, Mark Complete Or Postpone

  1. Click the Plus/Minus Icon to see a note with instructions for each task
  2. Helpful instructions for the task
  3. Mark Complete, Skip, Postpone or Add A Note with these buttons.

 You Are Finished!