Services For Our Tenant Customers

The Cascade Team’s responsibility is to provide the highest level of quality property management services to the tenants of our landlord clients. If you are interested in one of the properties we have listed for rent, please click this link and print out a copy of our rental application. PRINT APPLICATION (link to rental application pdf.) Our property management team wants the occupancy of your new residence is a positive experience. If you have any questions or needs regarding your residence or future plans, please feel free to contact us. However, for the benefit of all our customers, we do have a few policies which we want you to be familiar with...

Your Lease Agreement

Please read your lease completely. We have made strong efforts to spell out each party's responsibilities. A lease is a legally binding contract and its conditions are enforceable by law. If you should have any questions regarding these provisions, please contact us. (open email link to

Your Monthly Rent

Rents are due on the first day of each month. You will not be receiving a monthly invoice for this, so we strongly suggest you plan to pay your rent the last few days of the month. The Owners of your residence have obligations they must meet and rely upon your timely rental payments. It is imperative your rent be paid on time. If your rent is late, a late fee will be assessed. If for some reason you are unable to make the payment on or before the first of the month, please contact your property manager as soon as possible to let them know when we can expect your payment.

Maintenance Of The Property

It is important that we work together to protect the condition of the residence for the owner. Please treat this property as if were your own. Just as the owner is expected to behave in a responsible manner during your tenancy, likewise, there are certain expectations placed on you, the Tenant. Examples of these expectations would be:


We define an emergency as a situation where additional damage to the premises will occur if action is not taken. An example of this would be if there were a loss of heat or hot water during the weekend, or if there has been a "breech" to the property which creates a true security problem or hazard to the Tenant. In the case of an emergency where property damage is occurring, it is the Tenant's responsibility to act to prevent further damage. If you have a true emergency, call 911. If you have a property emergency, call your property manager as soon as possible.

Smoke Detectors

Your smoke detectors were checked prior to move-in. If there is not an operating smoke alarm(s), contact your Property Manager immediately. Once you take occupancy, it is your duty to maintain the smoke alarm(s) and provide operating batteries.

Renters Insurance

We recommend you obtain renter's insurance to protect your possessions. The Owner of the property carries insurance on the residence itself, but this policy will not cover your personal possessions. The Insurance Information Institute reports that only 26% of renters have insurance protecting their personal property form vandalism, fire, theft or water damage. A renter's insurance policy can be obtained from any insurance broker for very reasonable rates. If you need a referral, please ask your property manager.

Periodic Inspections Of The Premises

It is our job to help preserve the Owner's asset and to address any safety issues, maintenance and repair requests. This often necessitates periodic inspection visits. We will be contacting you in advance to schedule these visits.


Your Owner will expect you to return the residence in the same condition as you received it. In many cases, properties are returned to us in even better condition. We appreciate your care and cooperation. Again, please don’t hesitate to contact your property manager with any questions you may have.