Manually Add Showings and Showing Feedback to a Listing

The showing feedback system will automatically record showings and send surveys to brokers anytime they obtain the key from Supra key boxes and show a home. However, there are times you may want to record a broker's showing that didn't use the keybox.

You may also want to record feedback from a broker that you received verbally so that broker won't have to fill out a survey or get email reminders to fill it out

1. Log In To The Back Office

Sign in by entering your username and password at


2. Select Your Listing

  1. Click the Listings link to view your listings.
  2. Select the listing you want by clicking the Edit button.

3. Scroll Down To Showings Report.

Here you will see showing activity recorded by the showing feedback system.


4. Add Showing Broker Information.

  1. Click the Add a Showing link.
  2. Enter showing broker contact info and select GE Supra from the drop down menu.
  3. Click the Save button.

5. Manual Showing Now Complete. System Will Send Surveys To Showing Broker Automatically.

The broker you just added is placed at the bottom of the list and a survey will be automatically emailed to the showing broker. They will receive up to 3 reminder emails over a period of time if they don't respond to the survey.


6. Manually Add Showing Feedback.

If you receive feeback from a showing broker, verbally or through other methods, you can fill out a showing feedback survey for them. This will also stop them from receiving email reminders to complete the survey.

  1. Click the Enter Now link next to the showing broker you wish to submit feedback for.

7. Answer Survey Questions.

Answer survey questions 1 - 10 with the appropriate responses.


8. Add Comments And Submit.

  1. Add text if necessary to the text field and click the Submit Survey button.

You are now done. The results of the survey will be emailed to you and the seller. Additional reminders to this showing broker to complete a survey will be stopped.