Your Home is Your Greatest Investment

Know these questions and answers before you interview a broker.
The difference can cost you thousands.

1. Do you provide a unique personal property website for my home?

We create a custom website designed just for your property. It looks great on every device and is the foundation of marketing your home. It's loaded with beautiful photography, all of the details, as well as maps, school and neighborhood information. Buyers can even schedule tours right from the site. 

2. Is your agent experienced in dealing with multiple offer situations and negotiations?

Whenever you are a buyer in a multiple offer situation you need to sit down and ask yourself if you have given yourself every possible chance of winning. By going through all the tools you have in your multiple offer toolbox and using the ones you feel will best suit the offer situation you are presented with, a good Real Estate Agent and careful preparation of the offer will help you win more multiple offer presentations. CLICK HERE For More Bidding War Information

3. Will my site be re-targeted; to ensure that once my home is viewed it is continually visible when other sites are visited

Buyers who viewed your property online will see it advertised again on popular websites and social networks they visit around the internet. It's a great way to keep your property top of mind and encourage potential buyers to take a second look. 

4. Text communication has a response rate of 89% compared to email’s 11%.  Do you have an integrated text platform for direct communication?

Our eco-friendly Text Flyer instantly show buyers all the photos and details just by texting the listing number. Your Cascade Team agent can chat with buyers, set up tours, and alert them about open houses all in real time.

5. Will I receive weekly feedback reports including text messages, agent showings and unique hits?

Every week we report to you how the marketing activity is going. We will show you how many buyers from around the world viewed your property's website, how many people toured the home in person, and what social networks saw the most activity too.

6. Will my listing be syndicated to over 400 websites, 55 countries and 21 different languages?

No matter the country or continent, if a buyer is looking for a home online they can find your property.

7. Will my listing have direct feed into the Premiere Placement pages on Zillow, Trulia, etc.?

In addition to the local MLS, your property will appear on hundreds of the leading real estate websites and portals around the world. Every week we show how many buyers from around the world visited your property website.

8. Does your social media strategy for my listing include 63 media platforms?

We run a full campaign featuring your property on all the major social networks including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linked In, Twitter and Youtube. Every week we show you how many buyers visited your property website from the social networks.

9. Do you provide a free staging consultation?

A home that shows well to buyers is important, so we offer you a free staging consultation with an independent staging expert. They'll visit your home and give you plenty of advice and tips to help make your home really shine and stand out from the competition when it debuts on the market.

10. Will you provide a SmartBoard for my home? They capture reported traffic to my website and are environmentally responsible.

Our permanent Smart Flyers, never run out, get soggy when it rains, and are bigger than paper flyers. They feature large photos and lots of details about the property. Buyers can text for even more info and photos and also chat with your Cascade Team agent.