Trossachs Home Headlines

1. When is the best time to sell?

For six straight years we have found that the highest average price per Sq Ft sales have happened for homes CLOSED in the month of April. That means these homes were typically listed no later than March for an April closing. We had a recent transaction in Trossachs in which the seller received an offer for a closing in April but wanted to push the closing/occupancy until mid-June due to their children being in school. The buyer couldn’t wait and walked, and that seller ended up taking $75,000 LESS right here in Trossachs waiting for a June close date. As they say, “Timing is Everything” and in some cases it can certainly be a lot of money. In hindsight those clients admit they should have sold in April and rented a place if needed. They would have still been much farther ahead.

2. How much did the average Trossachs home value increase in 2019?

The average price per Sq Ft in Trossachs for Sold homes in January of 2019 was $313.13 and by December of 2019 that had risen to $325.08 for a difference of $12.95 per sq ft. Homes selling in April held the highest average at $328.21.

·The average home size sold in Trossachs for 2019 was 3,457 sq ft.
·At $12.95 per sq ft increase in price
·That is an increase in value of approximately $45,000

3. What is the price per square foot difference between new construction & resale homes?

New construction leads the way for Trossachs including the highest ever sale price in the community at $1,753,000

The average price per sq ft for New Construction in Trossachs was $400.19 with resales peaking at $328.21

4. What is the price per square foot difference between Buchan and Murray Franklyn built homes?

There were 39 Buchan Re-Sale Homes in Trossachs for 2019.
They averaged $330.26 per Sq Ft with an average of 36 Days On Market before Sale.

There were 26 Murray Franklin Re-Sale Homes in Trossachs for 2019
They averaged $315.38 per sq ft with an average of 67 Days On Market before Sale.

5. What is the projected outlook for home prices and sales for 2020?

We expect to see continued increase in prices. Homes will most likely peak in April once again and begin to drift slightly downward as inventory grows in May and into the summer. Overall, Trossachs should see somewhere between 4% and 6% in price appreciation. 6% the homes in April with 4% increase from January numbers from June on. Road construction may become an issue, but we will have to see how that pans out, but overall the market is healthy with high demand for Sammamish and prices should continue their upward momentum will into 2021!

What Is My Trossachs House Worth In Today's Real Estate Market?

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